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Russia TV from the 1980s with Funny Commercials

posted by Chris Valentine

Just because the Soviet Union was a communist country, doesn’t mean they didn’t occasionally blindside the citizen with some capitalist commercials. Like these Russia TV clips from the 1980s:

Soviet Identification

Here’s a commercial on Russia TV for a “Semiconductor current regulator with touch controls.” AKA, a dimmer switch.

Some translations we could make out:

New Product - Soviet Union

Did they steal the music from Giorgio Moroder?

New Product

New Products Are Desirable

Soviet Union Advertisement
Fabrics - Affiliates - Soviet Union
Get your business suits from the Bolshevichka factory. “Bolshevichka” or “Bolshevitchka” (in Russian it means “female Bolshevik”) is a clothes factory in Moscow. It was launched on November 16, 1929.

Moscow Suits

Enjoy Suits, Citizen!

That last ad in 80s era Russia TV is for a replica of the Sony Walkman cassette player called “Amfiton mini stereo.”

Amfiton Walkman

Good Enough For The Proletariat

Amfiton Bolshevichka

Bolshevichka Enjoys Marx's Greatest Hits

Up to two people can now enjoy good party-approved music!!

Bonus: Here’s a Russia TV commercial for a juice drink which features a popular singer dude named Vyacheslav Malezhik.

The translated lyrics go something like this:

In order to be healthy – should drink juices,
to be strong – it is necessary juice to drink
to be clever – have juice drink
To live a long time – should drink juices!
Early in the morning – juice, drink only juice,
if ill side – drink only juice!
West and east drink only juice,
In order not to fall down – drink only juice!
You need a juicer for this!
Every home should be a juicer!
One hot summer day – a miracle-juice drink,
Sitting in the rain miracle juice drink
visit all call a miracle juice drink
Merrily live miracle juice drink
Memory fastened – juices consumed
The courage displayed – juices consumed
because the store-juice to consume
Skill extended – juices consumed!

What more can one say?

Drink Juice

In Soviet Russia, Juice Drinks You

Finally, here’s an interesting video from 1980s Russia TV that shows the beginning of an exercise show that aired in February 1985 at 7am. Gotta be in shape if you’re going to defeat those capitalist pigs!

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