Tips On How to Dress Up for Every Occasion

posted by Chris Valentine

No matter how strongly you believe in the saying ‘that opinions don’t matter’  you still care about people judging you. This is so true when it comes to apparel. Hence, you still care about what you wear when going out to an event. You will still think about how people will judge you on your clothes, its design and the way you carry it. It only takes a few seconds for someone to build an opinion of us based on what we are wearing. Moreover, these opinions further influence how we get to be treated socially. Similarly, whenever we are introduced to someone our brains subconsciously develop a persona of the other person based on how well they are dressed. Of course, you wouldn’t take someone wearing shorts at a formal dinner serious, would you?

It is fair to say that knowing what to wear and when is of paramount importance since it helps polish our personality and builds our positive image amongst the people. Needless to mention the awkwardness and discomfort poor dressing brings when dressing inappropriately is not appreciated by anyone.

Since the first impression is the last, you ought to leave a good one. You have a variety of options to get yourself a couple of decent outfits that will suit any occasion. For example, online stores like  Black Milk Clothing offer some unique styles which will enhance your appearance and will suit any event you are going to. The following is our guide to help you better choose your apparel for the next occasion that will get you a compliment or two.

Here are some tips on dressing according to the occasion:

  1. How to Dress Up for an Interview

Let’s be honest, appearing for an interview is one of the most exciting and stressful things one goes through. Especially if it is your first job interview. All sorts of thoughts rush through your mind. But no matter how nervous you may be, a bold outfit can make you appear confident and positive. Hence, a bold suit matched with a confident attitude is the key to impressing the employers into giving you the job. Similarly, when you dress confidently, the confidence reflects in your attitude. As for the apparel, a well-tailored suit in bold colors like black or grey matched with a contrasting tie will do just fine. Just avoid wearing loose or improper suits. You ought to dress formally. Similarly, for women, the thumb rule is the same, a nice, well-tailored suit. Just avoid wearing too much Jewelry. A nice watch works perfectly for both men and women. It helps give off the impression that you value time which is a bonus and works like a charm in impressing the employers. Remember, job interviews are literally a panel of people judging you, so make sure you leave an everlasting positive impression.

  1. How to Dress Up for a Cocktail Party

Most people find it difficult to differentiate whether a cocktail party is a formal or casual occasion. Well to answer that, a cocktail party is a semi-formal occasion. A cocktail party is information with a classy gathering. More like, everyone showing up to look their best so when it comes to what you should opt for at a cocktail party, a nice suit or even a tuxedo will work perfectly for men but remember, do not overdo your outfit. If a suit seems too formal for you, then wearing a nice trouser and a semi-formal dress shirt will do the trick. Similarly, wearing a coat that goes well with your outfit is a bonus. Remember, the takeaway is to dress classy and elegant and not like you are showing up for a job interview. For women, there exists a range of clothing options under cocktail dresses that can be opted for. However, do consider the length of the dress, while a knee-length dress is appropriate for the event, dresses slightly falling above knee-length are also acceptable. Dresses any shorter than that are unfit for this event.

  1. How to Dress Up for a Wedding

Choosing what to wear at a wedding is relatively easier, primarily because there are not many options, to begin with. For men, a dark suit and a tie matched with dark formal shoes work like a charm. While a dark suit may be the preference, you don’t necessarily have to show up in a black suit always. Depending upon the season, the venue and the time, you can opt for other decent colors as well. Similarly, when it comes to women’s apparel, the thumb rule is to avoid wearing the color white. White is a color reserved for the bride. However, if the bride and groom have decided on a particular theme for the wedding, there are no apparel constraints to adhere to. In that case, you simply have to dress up according to the wedding theme set by the bride and groom.

  1. How to Dress Up for a Casual Get-together With Friends

Let’s be honest, after working tirelessly, the entire weekend, we all look forward to the weekend plans with our friends. Dressing up for a casual Friday or a weekend get together is a no-brainer. The dress code is casual and comfortable. But just because the dress code is casual, you don’t have to show up at the place wearing the first thing you found in the closet. For men, jeans or trousers paired with a casual tee or a party dress shirt with sneakers or loafers works perfectly. In winters, putting on a leather jacket or a bomber jacket works perfectly fine as long as it compliments the rest of the outfit. Remember, when dressing casually, keep in mind the element of subtlety and make sure that each part of your outfit compliments the other and that is not out of sync. For women, the options are virtually endless, from skirts to tops to tees to sundresses and whatnot. All works fine as long as you’re keeping in mind factors such as the venue and the timing of the occasion. If you’re having a rough time choosing what to wear from your closet, maybe a quick visit to the mall will help you restock your closet and give you a variety to choose from.

  1. How to Dress Up for a Dinner Party

Usually, when invited over at a dinner party, the host mentions the dress code so that nobody overdresses or underdresses but if you are unaware of the dress code. It is safer to ask the host rather than showing up in a dress that makes you feel like an outcast. Usually, dinner parties are semi-formal so for men a trouser and a dress shirt would do the trick while for women a gown would work. Still, if you are not informed about the dress code, it is better to ask than to assume.

  1. How to Dress Up for a Business Dinner

Remember, whenever attending a work-related event, dress up professionally. Now we don’t mean you show up in a suit and tie. The dress code for business events outside the working hours is always smart casual. So, when dressing up, look smart and sharp since it provides an excellent opportunity for you to interact with the senior management and boost your credibility crucial for your professional career. For men, khakis and dress shirts (even coats) and women skirts with an elegant blouse or a classy dress work like a charm.


There is a dress code for every occasion and event. You just can’t show up to any event wearing what you want. Hopefully, with the above tips and tricks, you can easily dress according to every occasion. Just make sure to follow the guidelines given above and you will rock any event you go to. Be comfortable in what you wear because comfort will give you the confidence to rock your outfit at any event.

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