V2 Pro Series 3 review

posted by Chris Valentine

There are so many different vape pens in the UK, it’s hard to know where to start your research if you’re looking to buy for the first time.

So, what is the best vape pen to buy? I asked this same question when I decided to quit smoking.

After trawling through Google, I found a review on V2, a US based E Cigarette and Vaporiser manufacturer with a UK website. V2 have created the V2 Pro Series 3, which is an upgrade from their EX series and their starter kits.

The reason this product immediately stands out from the crowd is because it’s a 3-in-1 vape pen. The Series 3 actually lets you vape e-liquid, loose leaf and wax, giving users the option to vape whatever material they’re most use to vaping or smoking.

I visited the V2’s UK website to get more information on the Series 3. I chose to order the standard package, which included the vape pen itself, a magnetic e-liquid cartridge, a magnetic USB charging lead and a wall adapter. I ordered the pen in black, however it also comes in blue and stainless steel too.

Once I’d ordered my vape kit, it had arrived within three days which is great. The packaging was really well made and simple, with no complicated manuals and additional pieces of kit that you have no idea how to use.

The Series 3 comes half charged, so the manual recommends you charge it for around 2.5 hours before your first use. However, I found that my pen only needed about an hour and a half before the red ring at the bottom of the vaporiser turned from red to blue – indicating that its ready to use.

As I mentioned before, V2 has created its own special technology around the use of magnets in its products. For example, the USB charger is really simple to use as the charging end is magnetic, so clips gently onto the bottom of the pen.

The design of the Series 3 is one of my favourite things about it. The pen is a little bit bigger than a biro, and has a great weight to it, making it feel very well made. The vape button is flush to the rest of the pen, helping you to avoid accidentally setting it off when it’s in your pocket or bag. The mouth piece is made of hard plastic rather than silicone, which I prefer as it protects your mouth from any heat.

One of the most important things to a smoker who is trying to quit and a vaper alike is the amount of vapour produced. I’m happy to say that the Series 3 is fantastic! I wanted to simulate the act of smoking a cigarette, as it knew it would help me quit, and this pen definitely did that.

Alongside my pen, I also bought the V2 Platinum E-Liquid 6x10ml sample pack. This pack comes in either a tobacco style, which includes flavours similar to Amber Leaf, Marlboro, and Golden Virginia, or sweet and fruity, which includes chocolate, cherry and vanilla. I bought the tobacco flavoured set, and it’s really rich, and tastes great.

Using the bottle to fill up my e-liquid cartridge was really easy thanks to the design of the small nozzle. You do have to be really careful not to get any liquid in the centre post of the cartridge, however, when I called the UK customer services team, they told me that if you insert a cocktail stick into the post before filling, it protects you from spillages.

As I mentioned before, the Series 3 is a three in one pen, able to vaporise liquid, wax and loose leaf. Each different material has its own dedicated cartridge, and swapping them in and out is very easy, thanks to V2’s own technology. Each cartridge is magnetic, so you simply drop it into the battery cartridge and the pen instantly recognises which cartridge you’re using.

My overall verdict on the Series 3 is that it’s one of the best vape pens for beginners. As someone new to vaping, the pen was so simple to use, produced great vapour and helped me to cut down on smoking. For heavier vapers, the battery may need to be charged more frequently, but it still feels like a high-quality pen.




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