Reasons why you may want to purchase a portable generator

posted by Chris Valentine

Generators come in all shapes and sizes but one of the most popular types of generator available are portable models. There are many different types of portable generator which have made finding the top portable generator available for each individual person’s needs/ budget difficult.

Having plenty of choice is good but it can be a real double-edged sword because it can make narrowing down what you want difficult. Should you spend a little more to get a portable generator with a built-in inverter or not?

Those kinds of questions are common when looking at portable generators but there is a reason these models of generator are so popular! Let’s look at the main reasons you might want to consider buying a portable generator in more detail.

Budget Friendly

One of the best reasons to buy a portable generator is that they offer a more budget-friendly alternative to the cost of a conventional backup generator. These larger machines can easily cost thousands while portable models are much cheaper.

You can’t run your whole house on one but you can still power your essentials. Whether you want something to power your laptop in an emergency or a way to keep your fridge running a portable generator can help and there is a lot of variety available when it comes to power levels, features, and outlets.

Ease of Movement

Portable generators are literally power banks you can take with you from place to place which means they are ideal for travel. They have become incredibly popular amongst caravan and RV owners in particular because of this but they can also be used for camping, festivals and much more.

The ease of movement you get with a portable generator is a benefit unique to them and when you combine this with their lower cost it’s easy to see why they make up such a large share of the generator market.

Travel Focused

This benefit really carries over from the previous but it’s worth talking about still. Because of their travel-friendly design, portable generators can do things no other type of generator really can which has made them more multi-purpose machines. Their travel focused design also means they are often easier to use and operate as well.


Portable generators like their larger counterparts can be powered by a number of different fuels. Petrol, diesel, and propane are just some of the more common types of fuel available but they can also be solar powered as well.

When you combined their smaller design and the commonly included inverter technology portable generators are much more eco-friendly than conventional backup generators. This is especially true if you opt to buy a more eco-friendly solar-powered model.

Easy To Store

Finally, this is a benefit that isn’t talked about much but it is still a great reason to buy a portable generator. Because of their smaller size, these generators are easy to store when not in use which makes them perfect for smaller households.

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