Choosing the Right Rental Company Can Make or Break Your Big Event

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether hosting a corporate event, planning a bridal shower or getting ready for the big day, you can save yourself time and worry by working with a San Diego event rentals professional. The right company can not only ensure your event has the right furniture, décor and WOW! factors but also, it can help you design a space that is cohesive and visually stunning.

Don’t Work With Any Average Rental Company  

When most people think of rental companies, they think of those unexciting businesses that provide standard foldup tables and chairs and possibly a tent or two. While many rental companies offer items that fit this mold, there are some, such as boutique rental agencies in Los Angeles, that offer so much more than plastic tables and chairs.

For instance, the West Coast has been seeing an increase in vintage party rentals that encompass everything from lighting to arbors and backdrops to sofas and lounge chairs. From peacock chairs to chandeliers to buffets, these companies have the unique items you need to ensure your event does nothing less than impress.

In addition to providing the major furniture items for your event, the right rental agency should be prepared to pull everything together with strategic design elements. Little items such as Moroccan poufs, velvet floor cushions, vintage cake stands, gunmetal flatware, mule mugs, macramé runners and dyed linen napkins can make a statement as bold as any velvet settee or wrought iron arbor.

Ask About the WOW! Factors

Event rentals Los Angeles should offer items as eclectic and creative as the city’s residents. The right company should be willing to go above and beyond for its customers by offering props designed to wow guests. Think vintage airstream campers, a camper bar, a soda shack or even a teepee. These props serve as visual stimulants, conversation starters and even photo ops, three essential elements of any successful L.A. event.

Let a Designer Put It All Together

When you have so many wonderful pieces from which to choose, it can be difficult to narrow down your options to just a handful of statement pieces, and it can be even more so to create a space that doesn’t feel crowded or that is overly stimulating. An event designer will listen to your vision and then select the pieces that will help that vision come to life.

A designer also serves as an invaluable tool when it comes to negotiating contracts with florists, caterers, photographers and other suppliers. Moreover, an efficient designer can ensure your event is exactly as you envisioned it without you ever having to lift a finger. While you tend to other important details such as the guest list, party favors and itinerary, the designer will be busy turning your dreams into reality.

Stress Less, Enjoy More

Ultimately, working with a designer and rental company saves you invaluable time and hassle. The average event takes hundreds of hours to pull off, hours most CEOs, brides-to-be, mothers-to-be and other hosts simply cannot spare. If you want to thoroughly enjoy the event you plan to host, work with a San Diego event rentals company and designer to bring it all together. Contact your local rental company today.

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