ShiftSmart – Why Remote Working Will Soon Be The New Normal

posted by Chris Valentine

For many years people assumed that thanks to the internet the future would bring with it a great amount more remote working. Well, that future has now arrived and we are very much in a position whereby remote working has become, or at least is becoming, the new normal. There are many companies like ShiftSmart which are helping individuals to find these job positions and it will not be long before many more offices understand the desire which the workforce has to work remotely.

There are both employees and employers who are dubious about whether or not this will be something that is here to stay, but there is little doubt that it is. Here is exactly why remote working is the new normal.

Benefits For Employers

Let us first take a look at the benefits which we are going to see for employers as a result of increased levels of remote working. The first thing we’ll look at, and the biggest benefit, is the cost savings which employers can make thanks to this way of working. Rental of offices, energy costs and auxiliary staff will no longer be required when you have the workforce working remotely and that is certainly something which employers will enjoy. Added to this there are further benefits such as increased productivity of the employee. Contrary to what many businesses think, employees actually work better in this model. Less sick days and easier management of staff are two more impressive benefits for employers.

Benefits For Employees

The reason why so man individuals are looking to take on remote working roles is because of the benefits which they too can count on when they work in this way. Firstly let’s look at the commute, a common pain for so many employees which takes up their money and their time. Remote working wouldn’t require commutes and that helps save money and reduce stress. The money savings don’t stop there, think of all of the costs during the day of work such as lunch and drinks, this would no longer be required. Those who work remotely are able to work outside of the office space, and that seriously improves work/life balance. Beyond this we have benefits such as more inclusivity in the workplace and a far higher level of job satisfaction.

Contrary to what many people thought previously, this is in fact an arrangement which helps everyone involved. As you can see there are serious benefits for both the member of staff and the employer, and very little downside. There are of course many jobs which will never be able to be done on a remote basis, and which require the employee to attend in person. When it comes to administrative jobs however and office workers, there is very little to suggest that this is not the new normal for those industries and sectors. Change is very much afoot and it is something which many have seen coming for a long time.

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