3 Tips to Help your Business Succeed in a Remote Working Model

posted by Chris Valentine

Remote Working has many advantages, such as being able to choose your work environment

Working remotely is a great way to run your business in an inexpensive way. It allows for the freedom and flexibility for your team to work from wherever they are, and it means that you don’t need to spend money on a bricks-and-mortar office space to house your team. Because of the flexibility associated with this style of working, remote working is a great choice for startups and for smaller companies who don’t need a rigid team environment. But what exactly is remote working? To break it down easily, remote working is any stye of work whereby the team is united over a series of online platforms without physically being in the same space. While it sounds idyllic – a fantastic designer in Sydney, a great developer in Spain and a top-notch writer in America – it does come with its limitations and challenges. That’s not to say that a remote working option isn’t for you – but you just need to make sure that you’re primed for success in your business.

Get the best of both worlds

One of the key ways to make sure that you don’t miss out on the benefits of a physical office without missing out on the benefits of remote working is to get a A virtual office is a physical address for your business to have on collateral and on your business website, without having to actually rent the space. You can get mail sent there, have calls answered and even conduct meetings when clients are in town – all for a nominal fee. It’s a great option. So, once you have worked out how to get around having a physical address you need to ensure that your business will succeed remotely. Let’s take a look at these top three tips for success.

What’s your space?

You need to understand what kind of space your team is going to work best in and what is best for productivity. Some people work really well in a creative environment where there is a lot of energy flying around – so for that reason you might recommend that your staff work out of a hip coworking space in their local area. Other people who really love peace and quiet might appreciate working out of a library or home office. No matter what your staff are working in you need to make sure that everyone is able to be connected – whether it’s via a messaging service like Slack or through something like Google Hangouts. The point is that you still have a collaborative environment without the cost of the physical office.

Consider the culture

The space you work in will have an impact on your workplace culture, and it’s important that your team feels melded together. To this end, you should try to have regular (as much as you can) events where people actually get together for social events or seminars. If you arrange it correctly you can even claim thee sorts of gatherings on tax – provided that work gets done as well.

Think about your tasks

If you have a whole lot of design work that needs to be done and people will need to be downloading tasks – it will take up a bit of time to acquire the files and then do the work, and then upload them again. To this end you’ll need to use an online collaborative tool that allows everyone to work on items in the easiest way possible!

Success is…

No matter what you do to keep the morale of your team up – just make sure that you consult with people and find out what works for them. It’s no good providing blanket solutions to attempt to fix things if you don’t know what people want. Hold regular updates and chats with your team and ensure that the solutions for maintaining success are geared towards them – the people who create it.

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