Understanding the Genius of Roger Wolfson

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have dreams of one day becoming a writer then there are many people who you could look to for inspiration, one such man is Roger Wolfson who has forged an impressive career in writing and who has added more strings to his bow during that time than most do in a lifetime. Roger Wolfson may not actually a name which you have heard of, and in all honesty that is part of the reason why he is such an inspirational figure, hovering behind the scenes, creating great literature, with the humility to shun the major credit, which he does fly deserve.

Early Beginnings

By all accounts Roger has been a keen writer since he was younger and it was inevitable that eventually he would make this his vocation. Roger excelled at English throughout high school and he ended up earning himself two degrees, one in politics and one in law, before he decided to take a masters in writing, which he completed shortly after. Roger then went straight into law and that was really where everything took off for him.

Law to Entertainment

Law is of course what Roger had studied and whist he had found himself a very lucrative position which he could have stayed in for a career, he was lured away from the world of law with the offer of writing scripts for some TV shows, hit TV shows at that. The shows were centered around law so it meant that Roger would still be able to write about his passion. Those TV shows which he went on to write for were Law and Order, Saving Grace and Fairly Legal, big hit shows. Roger not only excelled in his position in the legal world he then joined up with a team of writers where everyone spoke glowingly about the work he had done on those shows, and in particular the sharp wit with which he wrote, inspiring others in the group. This bold step from law to entertainment is something that not everyone does and in order to successfully do so you have to have confidence and most importantly ability, both of which Roger has.

Branching Out

There is clearly no question about Roger’s ambition given the decisions which he has made in his life, and this ability and the boldness to step away from one lucrative career to try his luck in another is both the reason why he has managed to achieve what he has and also why he is someone to look up to. Many of us get comfortable in our industries and careers and have fear about switching things up. Roger on the other hand has never been this way and this is yet another reason why he is so widely respected. Beyond being brave you must have ambition, confidence and ability to be able to do what Roger has done throughout his career.

If you are a young writer then this is the type of guy you should be looking to emulate.

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