Tips to Staying Productive at All Times

posted by Chris Valentine

We all have those days where we get stuck in a slump, just sitting there not being productive at all; the worst part about it that most of the time, you aren’t even doing anything fun or entertaining, but you’re not finishing your work, either. It takes a while to get out of those phases, but it’s extremely easy to get in one.

So if you find yourself in a quandary and can’t seem to focus on getting something done, then you should follow some of these simple tips to help you become more productive.

Take breaks

Some people might take this for granted, but there’s no point in sitting there being stuck and doing nothing. You should get up and recharge yourself; you can come back later after you’ve changed the mood a little. It refreshes your mind and gets the blood flowing, so you can start over with a fresh start. This allows you to let loose and have a little fun, making you come back strong and centered. Also, it helps you to get a new perspective of things, so you won’t be in a slump for too long, and you can start being more productive.

Boost your mind with coffee

Believe it or not, coffee actually helps in raising energy levels, and you will feel less tired or fatigued. This will keep you ready for anything, and your productivity levels would increase, whether it was a cup of black coffee, cappuccino, or espresso with a fully automatic coffee machine. It wouldn’t hurt to get one of these machines at home to prepare all the espresso you need to stay focused, as coffee is proven to give people a surge of energy that keeps you working. This can save you a lot of time and you can get things done a lot better, but remember not to add too much sugar!

Take deep breaths

This is scientifically proven to help you get that focus back, which will help you with being productive throughout the day. Whenever you find yourself stressed or overthinking a lot, you should start doing some breathing exercises. It will help calm your nerves and ease that stress; also, it will clear your head and make you more focused on what you’re doing at hand. Not to mention that it can help improve your cardiovascular health, so you’d stay healthy and productive too.

Start your day right

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, it’s extremely important that you start your day right. Once your alarm hits, don’t snooze for 10 minutes then get up; it will serve you no good because you won’t get deep relaxing sleep anyway. Also, you should make your bed every morning; it will give you the first sense of pride in accomplishing something at the start of your day; this motivates you to do more things after. And remember to take a shower, being clean this early is great for getting rid of any sweat or toxins; it helps you feel refreshed and more likely to get your mindset focused on work.

Cut out any distractions

If you’re trying to focus on doing something, there shouldn’t be anything around or in front of you that would distract you from finishing your daily tasks. Shut off your TV, don’t have your email or social media platforms open, put your phone on silent, and just do what you need to do. You can listen to music if you like, it can help you not pay attention to any noise around you and keeps you completely focused on what you’re doing. You shouldn’t have anything nearby that would tempt you to use it, or have a browser open that would tempt you to start checking different videos online.

Exercise regularly

Being physically active when it comes to exercise can help keep the blood flowing, and this has positive effects on your mind. You don’t have to go to the gym if you can’t, but simple push-ups and crunches can make a huge difference in your day. Even a short walk can do wonders for you, this will keep your brain functioning properly, and you’d be focused on finishing a lot of tasks each day

The most important thing for you to realize is that you should stress about it too much, worrying will make it worse for you. It’s okay if you’re not being productive for a while, it will pass and you will get your focus back soon. Just don’t despair or lose hope, focus on being the best “You” that you can ever be; things will be a lot easier for you soon once you put your mind to it.

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