When Could Switching to Agile Projects Make Sense?

posted by Chris Valentine

Finding the perfect approach to managing projects can bring huge benefits to any sort of business. By running slick and professional pieces of work it is far easier to get the benefits that well-planned projects offer.

If your company currently wastes time and money on is projects then it could be the right moment to switch to the Agile methodology. The following are a few of the situations in which this could be a particularly useful approach.

Your Projects Currently Take Too Long

Do you often feel that your projects drag on for too long? When this happens you can end up creeping over budget, people can lose interest and you might even lose the opportunities that you had hoped the project would take advantage of.

In this respect, the big benefit with Agile methodology is that it gives you the framework for speedy projects. Everything is geared towards fast and easy to run pieces of work that don’t waste anyone’s time.

The work is tested and reviewed along the way, giving an incremental approach that helps to cut down on wasted time. In addition, instead of investing a lot of time in creating a huge plan in advance, Agile projects can be planned along the way.

Your Teams Don’t Work Together Well Enough

Do your project team, business teams and stakeholders often struggle to work together as well as they should? The idea of working well together is one of the keys to getting the full benefits from these pieces of work.

Getting Agile Courses London for your project team helps in this respect by making everyone feel as though they are a big part of any project. This is done by encouraging the different teams to all participate in the reviews and meetings that are held regularly.

By getting the people who matter most to work together, you stand a much better chance of letting them all to feel a part of the project. This is a vital step in making sure that there is a genuine feeling of working together as one team.

The Testing Stage Lets You Down Too Often

The testing stage is where many projects fall down. Everything might look fine until this point but you can’t be sure until you have properly tested the solution that has been built.

One of the big problems is that project teams will often spend months or even years building something before they ever test it. This means that there is a chance that a whole group of issues are going to be discovered very late on in the work.

On the other hand, Agile encourages regular testing all the way through the project. In this way, any possible problems are discovered far earlier.

Of course, this means less time is wasted on working on solutions that have problems in them. It also means that there is no need to rush out last-minute fixes when the end of the project is looming.

The End Results Could Be Better

Finally, the biggest problem of all is when the end results simply don’t match the expectations that you started out with. There are many reasons why a project can deliver disappointing results, from a lack of the skills needed to an over-ambitious plan or a poorly calculated budget.

The Agile methodology aims to provide better results every time. This is done by regularly reviewing the progress and constantly ensuring that the work is on track to deliver what is needed.

By doing this, any potential issues can be quickly identified and rectified. All of this should lead to better end results and an increased desire to implement new projects in the future.

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