Artificial Intelligence – A New Gateway For E-Learning System

posted by Chris Valentine

There is truly no doubt that educational systems around the world have evolved over the past few years. Much of these advancements have been brought about due to improvements in technology. This is definitely a good thing for teachers and their respective students. Still, it is true that e-learning systems are far from perfect. They still need a great deal of enhancements before they can be reliable. In recent times, more and more people have been discussing the possibility of using AI or artificial intelligence to enhance these systems. Can this work?

What Is AI?

There is a good chance that you’ve heard the term AI or artificial intelligence at some point or another. Still, you probably weren’t entirely sure what it meant. So, what is AI really? In the early days, the term was pretty simple. It simply meant that a program or machine would be performing a task that a human would need to use their intelligence to complete. AI systems have many human attributes and they’re capable of performing many of the same tasks as you. For instance, some of these systems are capable of replicating the behaviors of humans. They can use skills like planning, reasoning, and even problem solving.

It is very common to encounter AI today. Whether you’re playing domino online or shopping at Amazon or eBay, there is a real possibility that an AI system is working relentlessly behind the scenes. So, how is this going to relate to e-learning?

The Basics

Now, you should learn a little more about AI and e-learning. A paper was recently published discussing these very matters. It explored a new concept involving two-way communication between the user of the system and the e-learning system itself. The form of communication was speech. It was found that the AI could indeed be very beneficial for teaching the user how to learn something tough. The system was able to offer analysis, assessments, and even an evaluation of the user’s knowledge at any given time.

The system was very innovative. It had many features, including biometric user identification, sentence recognition, and even speech recognition. This made it entirely possible for the AI behind the system to interact effectively with the user or the student at any given point in time. In return, it was proven that this type of interface could indeed help the user learn something in a more effective manner. Could this be a sign of things to come?

The Future Awaits

The paper presenting the new concept was indeed eye-opening. It has managed to attract attention far and wide due to the success of the system. So, what does this mean for the future of e-learning? Could it also have a major impact on educational systems across the planet? In all likelihood, the answer is yes. Still, it is vital to understand that such systems are still in their infancy. Therefore, it will still be a matter of years before AI begins making an impact in classrooms across the nation. Still, it is something that will intrigue in modern times.

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