8 Examples of Robots Replacing Humans in the Workplace

posted by Chris Valentine

Did you think that HBO’s Westworld was totally fictional?

Experts think that around 47 percent of jobs in the US could be replaced by robots in the next two decades.

We always hear about how tech jobs could be replaced with computers and robots. But, it’s not just the tech industry that should expect upheaval in the near future. There are numerous surprising examples of robots replacing humans in jobs.

Read below to discover the careers which could be obsolete within the next few decades. Let’s get started!

1. Farmers

Can you imagine a world without farmers?

Just two-hundred years ago, pretty much every man was a farmer. In 1800, over 80 percent of the US workforce were farmers.

By contrast, barely 2 percent of Americans work in the agricultural industry nowadays. This is partly due to the development of machines, which have improved the efficiency of farming.

However, in the near future, we can expect robots to be introduced into the fields to do everything from pick strawberries to milking cows. The most “brutal tasks” in farming can be expected to be taken first by the robots.

However, that could just be the start, as over 1 million jobs in agriculture in the US are under threat.

2. Taxi Drivers

“What time are you on until?”

“Have you been busy?”

These are the kinds of mainstay questions we’ve been asking taxi drivers to make the ride go faster for generations.

But, what if your taxi driver was no longer a human, but you had a driverless vehicle as your taxi.

Millions of professional drivers, including taxi drivers, could be replaced in the next couple of decades of autonomous vehicles.

3. Journalists

But, surely there are some jobs which will always require a human, right?

Well, you may be surprised to hear that journalism is not safe from the encroachment of robots either.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been proven to be able to produce content much faster than a human writer. Therefore, soon enough, we could receive our news regarding what’s happening the world via robot journalists.

4. Movie and TV Stars

Who’s your favorite movie star? Is it the dorky C3PO or the adorable R2D2?

Hollywood has already embraced CGI, which has already significantly reduced the number of actors you need to shoot a movie.

In the 2016 Rogue One: a Star Wars Story movie the filmmakers resurrected the recently deceased Carrie Fisher as her younger self for the role of Princess Leia.

People are extremely attached to their favorite stars.

Why would you need to replace James Bond with a newer model when you CGI Daniel Craig?

This becomes a glass ceiling for new actors to enter into the consciousness of movie and TV fans.

5. Escorts

Hiring an escort can be a memorable experience. You could be after a romantic dinner with a wonderful company, or a sexy night in a hotel bedroom.

However, beautiful female escorts could also be replaced by sex robots in the coming future. You can already purchase a sex doll for roughly $3,999.

While for some clients, sex with a human woman could never be replaced by a robot. No matter how gorgeous she is.

But, you may be surprised about the interest in sex robots. Over two-thirds of men would be in favor of sex robots to satisfy their sexual desire.

If you want to know about the unspoken rules of hiring an escort in human form, visit this page.

6. Armed Forces

The Armed Forces are the pride of many Americans.

However, we could soon be paying homage to robot soldiers. It’s already underway with a growing percentage of the defense budget invested in drones and machines.

Currently, soldiers continue to battlefield troops, while robots are sophisticated weapons largely operated by humans.

This is expected to change to full-blown robotic warfare in the approaching decades, according to experts.

The good news is that fewer American lives could be lost as a result of the war. The bad news is that the growing introduction of robots into warfare could signal a more destruction phase of human civilization.

7. Child Carers

Would you trust a robot with your children?

As both parents are increasingly seeking full-time careers beyond the home, the demand for child care has skyrocketed.

However, this could be coming to an end shortly. This is great news for families on a budget.

The average cost of daycare over a year in California is $22,460. Therefore, a robot which could cost around $1,000 could allow households to make significant savings.

At the moment, the babysitting robots could probably only fulfill approximately 70-80 percent of childcare responsibility. But, this is just the start!

8. Lawyers

Surely, robots couldn’t do the job of a lawyer?

However, remember that many tasks as a lawyer include reviewing and drafting documents. This could largely be carried out by robots.

One law firm has embraced software which can analyze up to 1.5 million documents for under $100,000. This is a fraction of the army of lawyers which would be required for the same task.

Although this is not exactly a case of robots replacing your attorney. We can expect the role of a lawyer to dramatically change over the coming decades.

Robots Replacing Humans

Robots replacing humans in jobs is best summarized with the phrase “the good, the bad and the ugly”.

Certainly, the replacement of hard labor with robots could spell the end of unhealthy and damaging jobs. However, mass unemployment threatens to undergo society as never before.

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