9 marketing techniques that your IT Company is missing out on

posted by Chris Valentine

As an IT company, there is a need to spread the word about the different products and services you offer. To that end,  digital marketing is one of the best ways to go about it. Digital marketing has proved to have a significant impact to achieving a positive marketing ROI for IT companies if it is used wisely and in an appropriate way.

Many information technology businesses are using social media marketing techniques to boost their customer base and increase their sales. This is the perfect time to join wave of companies that are using social media for marketing.

This article talks about the best nine social media marketing techniques every marketer working at an IT company should use in 2019. Don’t have time to do it on your own? Check out this list of amazing 12 consulting companies that can assist you with your marketing efforts.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is an online marketing style which use content to attract customers. It involves the use of audio, written and video content that is entertaining and educational depending on the target audience. Article content related to technologies and research enable customers to be aware of company product and influences the purchasing power of the customer. It is easy to create and manage content  for your own IT Company. All you will need is a website, blog with followers and content, this will be the first step to growing your market.

  1. Guerrilla and social hacking marketing

Try new things and taking risk is what technology is all about. Finding a new way to sell your merchandise by thinking outside the box is what defines social hacking and guerilla marketing. Social hacking is trying to manipulate the social behavior of people. This form of marketing is more efficient and cost-effective. A great example of social hacking technique is that of Netflix advertising Black Mirror by using messages that are cryptic on Reddit.

This is perfect for tech startup for there are no rules on social hacking and guerilla marketing.

  1. On-site activity

Creating a company website where you control the information you send to the engines and users this can be achieved through methods such as optimization. Although, through optimization of the engine, optimization conversion rate and split testing, the company will have opportunity to maximize on the benefit of the website.

  1. Social media and online promotion

In this digital era, every company has to take advantage of online promotions; people look for information on social sites; social media promotion has become a marketing tool that everyone has to use. Twitter, Facebook and other social, have become part of our life. Through paid advertisement in Twitter and FB, companies can reach customers more easily .using Facebook for illustration, infographics, and photos while twitter for entertainment and media and manufacturing industry and the IT industry is better.

The rise of social media has brought about the idea of social media influencers. Social media influencers are people who are famous in social site either through tech, sports, religion or entertainment. An influencer has a significant impact on the use of product example TECNO mobile used Manchester City players in advertise their latest Common brand phone. Influencers have a very close relationship with the online community their words matter most, and community follows each recommendation given by them.

  1. Brand Voice

The primary purpose for people to visit the social site is to look for entertainment and relation. It’s essential for the IT Company to connect with people either through a story or any other form.

Developing unique voice that is consistent all around the social site for the company is what branding is all about people will easily relate to the voice by remembering. The message of the brand in the social site should remain consistent

  1. Attractive Static Pages

The site should be easy to navigate by any social media group .Social post and the static page should be suitable to use, the static page of the social media is used for redirecting customers to companies offers to in order to improve sales.

  1. Differentiated, undifferentiated marketing techniques and strategies

Use of undifferentiated and differentiated marketing strategies by companies to promote services and goods. First, the strategy of differentiated marketing technique the company’s strategic aim is to focus on two market groups. Example a store can sell and promote the product in different towns, and market merchandise that targets children in different age brackets. For undifferentiated marketing technique market targeted is one, this form marketing best suited for   small startup companies which target a small number of audience

  1. YouTube Integration

YouTube has the biggest audience of videos watched with over one billion users and over 100 million hours of videos watched integrating your company social media marketing with YouTube is the next big thing .YouTube usage covers the most significant percentage of internet users  hence need for companies to have YouTube channel.

Companies use the YouTube channel by linking them together with social media site and regularly update videos and new on the company, furthermore engage users in comment section.

  1. Make timeliness a top priority

A customer expects conversation and fast response with their brand companies in the time of need.

The company should be well networked with social media channels where the company and customer can share information and discuss about product price, efficiency and impact.

By engaging with the customer in social media, IT company marketers are able to build trust and respect according to Digital Authority Partners; this means the company must have a customer care that is social and active in social media.

Email this very old social means of marketing yet it the most efficient it personalized and automated can use to assess the customer relation using marketing list.

In other words, you can build a successful marketing strategy for IT Company using the above tactics keeping you updated with the latest trends to keep up with a change in audience interests. Marketing your IT Company or startup should focus the audience targeted this enable to enjoy the wave of possibilities.

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