What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer and Can They Help You?

posted by Chris Valentine

Most of us have likely heard of a personal injury lawyer before, either on TV, through word of mouth or on the internet. Still, unless we ever need a personal injury compensation lawyer, we probably never give it much thought, let alone fully understand how this type of lawyer can be helpful to us.

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the role of a personal injury lawyer, along with some of the situations encountered where you might find you need one on your side.

What Is a Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer Exactly?

Some law firms are generalists and handle a little bit of everything. They may have specialist lawyers on staff for family law, criminal law, and so forth, but these firms can be a jack of all trades and not focused experts in one particular aspect of law.

A personal injury lawyer will be part of a law firm that focuses on personal injury compensation claims. They are specialists and understand everything there is to know about their chosen field of law.

What personal injury lawyers do for their clients is to help them take on the insurance giants when a motorcycle accident has occurred, and there has been an injury. It’s all about successfully making a compensation claim and receiving a fair payout for the pain and suffering due to the injury.

Pain and suffering aren’t just limited to physical hardship either, as there is the potential loss of income if someone cannot work due to the injury, there are also medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, psychological trauma and the list goes on.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will represent the injured party and do their best to achieve a successful outcome and fair compensation on behalf of the client.

Is It a Risk-Free Association Or Far Too Costly To Seek Legal Help?

The really good news is that the majority of law firms that specialized in personal injury and compensation law offer clients some exceptionally great deals that puts you in a no-risk situation financially.

To begin with, usually, you can have the first meeting for free, where you get to meet your lawyer and discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury. It’s during this initial consultation that your lawyer can evaluate your case and determine whether you’ve got a decent chance at a successful claim for compensation.

Secondly, many of these law firms will offer to work with you on a “no win no fee” basis. What does this mean exactly?

It means that there is nothing to pay if they happen to lose your case, and you only owe them their fee for services rendered upon a successful outcome.

It’s for this reason that they’ll only take on your compensation case if they feel confident they can win it.

There really is no financial risk to you to enlist the help of a specialist law firm if you’ve been injured in an accident.

Scenarios When You Might Need a Lawyer On Your Team

Now that we’ve determined what a personal injury lawyer does and how they can help you let’s briefly look at a few example scenarios where people get injured and might seek the help of a qualified lawyer.

The most common type of injuries in Australia is the “slip and fall” incident, which usually occurs on a floor that’s wet from mopping or a spill of some kind. Anyone can find themselves in a slip and fall accident and injure themselves. Often injuries like this will occur in shopping centres, food halls and anywhere there is likely to be spills or wet ground.

Other injuries in public places can be tripping over on a council footpath due to the surface being uneven, or possibly even stepping in a hole in the ground, twisting an ankle or breaking a leg. There are in fact hundreds of public injury incidents that can potentially occur every single day, and for many of them, you’ll be within your rights to claim for compensation.

The best way to discover your rights if you’ve suffered an unfortunate injury is to arrange for a free discussion with a personal injury compensation lawyer.

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