Your Board of Directors Needs This Technology

posted by Chris Valentine

In an age of extraordinary communications technology, it can sometimes feel like there are a lot of options on the market. It’s an important choice for a company to make, because they need to be fully connected seamlessly and powerfully, and their communications need to remain secure at all times from hacks.

Many companies, non-profits, health organizations, Crown agencies, and credit unions have turned to board portal software as an effective IT solution. Here’s a closer look at some of the ways board portal software can give your organization a boost.

Remote Collaboration

Board directors are very busy people, and the directors of one board may not always live in the same city. No matter how far apart directors may be geographically, they always need to be able to work with one another and have full access to board materials.

Board portal software makes it easy for directors to read, share, and annotate all board documents. For matters requiring a vote, the software has a built-in polling feature. Whenever a director makes a change to a document, all the other directors are automatically notified via email — this reduces the time that gets wasted catching everybody up, making it easy to get prepared for board meetings well in advance.

Efficient Communications

When you use board portal software, all the communication happens in one place: this means that you’ll no longer have to jump back and forth between text messages and emails. But because you can access the app from whatever device you most prefer using, communication is still natural and comfortable.

Board portal software saves your directors time and reduces confusion by streamlining communications.

Stay Organized, Easily

The industry leaders in board portal software boast helpful features to keep your administrators organized, such as automated agenda creators, DIY tools to add or remote committees and directors, and reports to track board activity.

The board portal you select should integrate with the popular calendars from providers like Apple, Android, and Microsoft, making it easy to schedule meetings. All the important details about your next meeting will be visible in the board portal’s app, and built-in alerts prevent you from ever missing a meeting or update. Board portal software keeps your organization’s top people organized effortlessly.

Total Security

Board portal software is highly encrypted, and the servers storing your information always adhere to independent third-party certification requirements.

If a device issued by your organization gets lost or stolen, you can prevent a security breach by wiping all its board data remotely. Because the software is cloud-based, if the director whose device is now missing needs access to board materials, all they need to do is log in from any other tablet, desktop, or laptop. Board portal software gives you both total security and seamless connectivity.

There’s pressure in today’s corporate climate to stay connected and to keep communications secure — board portal software delivers both, making it perfect for any organization looking to promote better governance and transparency.

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