The Role Of Technology In Improving Our Lives

posted by Chris Valentine

Technology can be a double edged sword. It can be used for good or for evil. Luckily, there are so many ways that technology has improved our lives that any negative side is far outweighed by the good.

Our lives are easier and have higher quality with so much opportunity for personal growth and medical care that it is hard to put a number on the ways it has improved our lives. The internet plays the biggest part in this and then the Internet of Things ties so much of it together in ways that amaze.

In this article, I will go over several of the ways that technology has improved our lives.

Added security

In the old days, your house was protected by big dogs and maybe a shotgun. Now, people have sophisticated devices that were the thing of science fiction not too long ago. And they are not even expensive, either.

Things like Doorbells with Cameras and other security devices can not only record a video if somebody tries to break in, it can also alert you on your phone if there is somebody there so you can look live at what is happening.

This is only possible through the Internet of Things and the interconnectivity from cloud computing.


Though there are still valid reasons to attend university in person and live on campus, for those that can’t there is still access to a degree while studying from home. Technology allows you to learn remotely either through live webcams for lectures, or the recorded videos. 

Even aside from higher education, there is no subject that can’t be learned online that can either satisfy your hunger to learn or to advance your career with more knowledge. You can learn how to fix your car or build a robot all at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. 


Sitting in traffic for hours to get to and from work seems like such a quaint and unnecessary relic now that remote work is so prevalent. There are not many office jobs that would require you to go to a place of work when you can do it from home just as well.

Businesses save tons of money by not needing to have a huge office with redundant workers and the workers themselves have a higher quality of life when they don’t need to commute. And they are more productive as they also save all that time getting read to go to work and then getting there. That time is better spent actually working.

Then there is the fact that technology, specifically the internet, has made this an ideal time in history to start a business. It is now far more accessible to anybody with an internet connection to start a viable business. The barrier to entry is far lower than it has ever been.


Our lifestyle is what makes our lives even more enjoyable. The way we spend our free time and how we live our lives in general has all been improved thanks to technology. 

Take shopping as an example. Wherever our imagination goes, we can find a product that can satisfy a want or need and have it within a few days. If you are an artist, then the materials you just can’t seem to find locally can be bought online. 

If you have eclectic taste in clothes and your local mall doesn’t have stores with you in mind, then you can find exactly the right clothes that display your personality to a T. 

And we can watch the movies we love, listen to music anytime and even create our own and have thousands of people listen or watch us. It is an amazing time to be alive!

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