How to clear files and personal information on iPhone to get a new iPhone

posted by Chris Valentine

iPhone OS has managed to make a statement for itself in the world of mobile phones. In this time of neck to neck competition, no one can deny the existence of this mobile range. It’s distinguishing features, great memory space, signature ringtone, sleek design, and high definition camera has kept it ruling people’s hearts.

However, there are always those unavoidable instances which can be both frustrating and embarrassing for any mobile user. For instance, imagine the time when you have succeeded in making a great impression on your senior officials. Feels great, right? Now, what happens when you are just about to exchange your files and you realize you have no memory left on your iPhone. Are you too struggling with- how to delete contacts on iphone?

Or, imagine the time when you were running late for work and couldn’t find that urgent text in your folder, flooded with spams. Or the one time when you couldn’t read a crucial text from someone just because you had already exhausted your iPhone’s memory. Did the question- how to delete messages on iphone run through your mind too?

It might often be quite disheartening to see an opportunity pass by and it all can be avoided by investing in reliable and trusted solutions. To make this seemingly tedious and monotonous job simpler for you, we bring you Dr.fone. Always remembr however, before clearing your iPhone, transfer iPhone data to PC for backup

The Erase Private Data feature of the dr.fone toolkit provides you with a simple three-step solution to your exhausted memory. You can use this feature to conveniently erase all your personal data including reminders, messages, photos, app data, Notes, and contacts, etc. This feature comes as a savior at times when you are planning to reinstall your iPhone, or selling or giving it away to someone else altogether. We totally understand the importance of safeguarding your private data in these instances. Thus, the Erase feature also offers an option to delete your private data permanently. Therefore, this data cannot be recovered later and ensures security.

As you select the Erase feature in Dr.fone toolkit, you will find three options available- to delete private data, to erase the entire data, and space saver. To delete contacts and messages from your iPhone, you need to follow three simple steps.

Step 1. Connect your phone to the computer

Connect your phone to the computer using a cable. Select the Trust your iPhone/iPad screen to connect successfully. Once the connection is established, Dr.fone will display three options for you. Tap on ‘Erase Private Data’ to continue.

Step 2. Scan your private data

After choosing the Erase option, the software will first scan your phone for all your private data. To let the scanning begin, click on the ‘Start’ button.

The scanning might take some time. Therefore, wait till the scanning process is completed and all your private data is successfully displayed.

Step 3. Erase private data

Once all your data is displayed, you can preview it on the screen. After that, select all the data that you need to erase from your memory. Now, click on the Erase button and let the process begin. Once the process finishes, a message will be displayed indicating successful completion.

However, to wipe off your data permanently from your phone’s memory, you need to follow one more step.

First, choose the option “Only show the deleted” from the drop-down menu on the top left. Now, carefully select the data that you wish to permanently erase off your memory. Since the data cannot be recovered later, it is important to be utmost careful. Once the selection is done, you will be asked to put a keyword as a precaution. Enter “000000” in the provided box and click “Erase Now”.

Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and let the software take on the task. Through the process, your iPhone might restart a few times but do not disconnect it.

You will be displayed a message after the erasure is successfully done.

With Dr.fone and its easy to handle design, you can keep your data safe, and ensure your phone is always in great shape.

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