Transforming Your PC With Solve IQ

posted by Chris Valentine

Working from home has run PC and laptop into overuse. From video meetings to online classes for kids, watching Netflix, to shopping online, there is no task left untouched by technology. Partly, it’s a bliss to have that ease, but it also wears out the processors. The most obvious reaction would be to curse the PC for being slow, window shop for a new laptop, and get a new computer right at the next sale. Well, now save the hard-earned money and transform the freezing computer instead of tossing it out. The solve iq is here to save the day.

Why Choose Solve Iq? 

Everyone has faced a time when the computer hangs, apps take ages to open, and the browser is just not in the mood to work. Eventually, it was replaced by an advanced version. No matter how amazing the new computer feels, it’s a high price to pay for frustration. 

This tool is a subscription-based service that is productive and economical. Many people are working from home, and this number is bound to increase. Students of all ages are highly dependent on computers for their classes, assignments, research, and even exams. This can cause the performance of the computers to drop over time. There is always a threat of deceptive apps, malware, spyware, and resource consumption. Solve iq takes on all these concerns by optimizing the speed of the apps and protecting them from attacks.

How Does Solve IQ Work? 

It helps achieve the full potential of the PC. The features it offers are:

  • Run apps at a faster speed in real-time
  • Updating the apps, fixing the driver, and troubleshooting automatically
  • Protecting the privacy of the user
  • Personalizing service as per the need 

The key feature of this tool is that it works in real-time as the user works. It is the first and only technology that offers the service in real-time. It is achievable due to its patented just-in-time optimization. Just like the name, the service works with the launch of an app. It adjusts PC resources to meet the requirements at the launch time. It tweaks the system settings to optimize the resources such as internet connections based on the location. It also declutters the storage and frees up space. Most of all, it reserves necessary resources for work as per the usage. 

How to use it?

The steps of using it are practically effortless. To start with-

  1. Download
  2. Purchase the suitable plan and scan the computer
  3. Fix and optimize the apps


Since the purchase, the amount of work that is being done on the computers is alarming. This slows down the system considerably. The frustration builds up and reaches a peak of no return. The solve iq is an innovative tech tool that revamps the computer and speeds up the apps. It optimizes the performance of the computer to get the best out of it. It offers monthly and annual subscriptions to use the services. The cost is cheaper than the OTT subscriptions and worth it. 

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