Android to iPhone: 6 Things You Need to Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you currently have an Android and want to get an iPhone? Some people need a phone upgrade and want to try a new operating system. Others might want to jump on what they view as a new trend.

Regardless, every person making the switch from android to iPhone should keep the following 6 things in mind.

1) Getting New Accessories

If you are getting an iPhone, you are also going to have to get accessories that are compatible with iPhones. Your Android charger, for instance, isn’t going to work with your new phone. You might also need a different SIM card. Depending on where you go to make the purchase, these kinds of accessories might be included.

You’ll also need a new case as your old Android case will likely not fit your new iPhone. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a new case you like with all the options available, such as these cute iPhone 7 cases.

You might also need a new pair of headphones. Most Android devices have a headphone jack whereas newer models of iPhones don’t. If you go with a newer model, you’ll need a pair of Bluetooth headphones if you want to listen to audio without playing it from your phone’s speaker.

2) Backing Up Your Phone

This step is critical to do before you make the switch. You should definitely back up your old phone’s data in the event that the transfer of information to your iPhone isn’t 100% successful.

Do this by using a cloud service or microSD card, or transferring data to a computer.

3) Transferring Your Information

There are many apps available that allow you to transfer information from an Android to iPhone. Android has Apple’s “Move to iOS” app on operating systems 4.0 or later. You simply plug both phones into a power source and follow the prompts. The process might take a while, but most of your information should successfully transfer over.

You should make sure that your new phone has sufficient storage to receive your old information. Keep in mind that iOS doesn’t allow you to delete some core apps even if you don’t want them.

In most cases, you should easily be able to transfer your music, contacts, photos, videos, and calendar. Transferring your apps, TV shows, movies, saved voicemails, and texts are sometimes a little trickier.

Android apps, for instance, won’t work on an iPhone. Apple has many apps that are equivalent in function but won’t always be able to access data from your old apps. You’ll have to go in and manually download each app you want.

4) Downloading iTunes

Another way you can transfer your data is through iTunes. It is free to download on your computer and has many other practical uses. iTunes is good for managing your music and apps, and backing up your device.

5) Going to the Apple Store

When you get your new iPhone, it is reassuring to know that you can go to any Apple Store for in-person assistance. As a previous Android user, you might have run into the problem of finding a professional to help you with any problems your phone might’ve had.

6) What to Do with Your Old Phone

Before you do anything with your old phone, make sure you have your backup and all the information is on your new phone. Then, you can reset it to its default factory settings and throw it in a drawer, give it to someone else, or recycle it.

If you take these factors into consideration when making the switch from Android to iPhone, you should have a flawless transition. You’ll get to keep all of your information and start enjoying your iPhone right away!

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