Take Over the App Store: How to Design an App Your Clients Will Love

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you want to try your hand at building an app but need some design inspiration? Here’s a handy guide on how to design an app for your business.

With over 4.5 million apps on the mobile app stores, you already know the odds are stacked against you. Don’t make it any harder for yourself by offering a poorly-designed app.

However, designing an app users will love is easier said than done, especially considering that user preferences are always shifting.

Worry not, though.

In this article, we’re telling you how to design an app your clients will love.

Let’s get into it.

Keep User Needs in Mind – Crucial

Here is a mind sobering statistic; 77 percent of app users don’t use an app again 72 hours after installing!

The main reason for this is most developers build apps that don’t meet the needs of their target users. If you don’t want your app to get uninstalled, ensure it serves your client’s primary needs.

If you’re building an app for your e-commerce business, for example, your clients should be able to use the app to browse products and make purchases. They certainly don’t want an app that only offers general information about your business.

Before embarking on development, survey your clients and gather information on what they’d like the app to offer.

Implement a Responsive Design

Responsive design applies to apps too – not just websites.

Because there are multiple devices a user can install your app, you have to consider how screen size will affect the app’s performance. If your app is designed for smartphones alone, it might not render well on tablets, for instance. Consequently, tablet users will most likely uninstall the app and give it bad rating and reviews.

Test your app on multiple devices and ensure compatibility before publishing it on the app stores.

Easy Navigation

Consumers will always delete an app that’s complicated or difficult to use.

To avoid this scenario, your app should be easy to navigate. This means ensuring users are able to access the various features in as few taps or scrolls as possible.

Again, this is an issue you can easily catch and fix during the development cycle. In the beta testing stage, your testers will give feedback that’ll help you optimize navigation experience.

That said, try to strike a balance between navigation and functionality. Over-optimizing navigation could harm the app’s ability to execute its core functions.

Work with an Experienced App Developer

With free app coding classes and DIY tutorials readily available on the web, more and more people are building their own apps.

While there’s no harm DIY’ing a personal app, when it comes to business the stakes are higher. You have one short to impress a client who downloads the app. If it’s half-baked or unimpressive, you’ll be staring at staggering uninstall rates.

This is why you need to hire an experienced app developer to design your business app. If you have to go it alone, then at least use a powerful App Maker.

That’s How to Design an App That’ll Make Your Clients Happy

The mobile app space is insanely difficult to dominate. But you don’t have to aim for wild success. If you’re building a business app, you just need to focus on making your clients happy.

With this guide, you now know how to design an app that’ll earn your clients’ love.

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