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If you like taking chances, you would be familiar with the word bing and you would have observed that the online bingo games have become very popular in the United Kingdom.

But before we proceed to the offers and the reason for its popularity, we should, first of all, educate those that are new to the term bingo!

Bingo is similar the game of keno or the lotto, it is a game of luck which is popularly played by two or more people in a hall or club, registered under the country lotto regulatory body. The popularity of bingo has recently extended to the online platforms, so you can now play this game of chance on a licensed website (remote bingo). The game is also called “housey housey.”

To play, a player purchases a card filled with a grid of numbers and the marks off the numbers drawn at random as they are announced by the “caller”. The caller, calls numbers at random, while the players mark off the corresponding numbers on their cards, the first person that marks all the numbers in the grids of their card, calls out bingo! Or the house! This makes them the winner of the contest.

Why are online bingo games so popular in the United Kingdom lately?

The UK is now the largest market for online bingo games in the world, it generated about €312m in gross gaming revenue for the country in 2013 alone and the revenue has not declined since then. The reason for this is not unexpected, because of the enticing offers users enjoy on these websites.

Let us look into these enticing offers we have observed from several bingo sites like these:

The Registration bonuses:

Several bingo websites have developed strategies to attract a large amount of people to play bingo on their websites. First-time players tend to be drawn in by enticing them with registration bonuses and offering the chance to win large amounts of money.

Some online bingo game providers offer new users a registration bonus of up to £20 on top of an initial deposit of £10 to invest in their first few games. Any win with this bonus will be added to their account.

A lot of people have become loyal to these websites after winning a huge sum of money playing with their registration bonuses. Of course, someone that wins without paying anything from their own pocket will be excited and would want to introduce the game to his or her pals. It is simple logic.

Free games without registering a credit card.

This strategy is to make new users test the waters before using their own money to play the game. The bingo company sponsors the trial games so the new player does not use their own money. If they win, then obviously they will want to claim their winnings and win more,. This will encourage the player or user user to invest in the future games. To do so, they need to link up a credit card.

Live chat rooms

Online bingo sites have one thing in common, the live chats! This is where users can interact and share their views and tips about the game. Someone who is new to the game can easily learn ways of playing the game without any fuss about losing money.

In the chat rooms, users become accustomed to the use of different, exciting terms and the flashy light designs changing constantly to give an impression of interesting activity. There is a constant flash incentive of the Grand Prize to be won in the game to evoke the thrill of playing expectation of winning. A bingo website is never dull.

Recruitment Bonus

Existing users are encouraged to invite new people to sign up to the site by offering them incentives for doing so. For example, a bingo site offers a £10 bonus to an existing user for recruiting a friend. This is a cheap advertising strategy adopted by the bingo company to make everyone aware of the advantages of building a cone network.

Reward to engage

This offer gives some incentives to users who play frequently or high spenders. The more you play, the more the loyalty points you earn, these can be converted into cash or could qualify a user to play in a new tournament for free. There are different levels of loyalty, which means there are differing amounts of points earned by users at different level so users, knowing this, strive to get to the top of the loyalty ladder.

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