Vaping With Style: 11 Electronic Cigarettes with Awesome Designs

posted by Chris Valentine

Okay, there’s no longer any more fuss about it, electronic cigarettes are no longer the newest thing in town. On the contrary, most people like to view them as the cool trend that is taking circles in the streets, offices, homes, subways, and just about any other private or public place you may think of. But just like anything else trendy in the market, choosing the best electronic cigarette for you can be a nightmare if you don’t have a clue of what to look for and more so, if you don’t have any idea what some of the best options are.

This is especially the case if you’re transitioning from the traditional cigarette stick, or you’re just starting out on vaping. But you’re not alone, there are many Vapers, including some experienced ones who experience the confusion when shopping for an e-cig or even herb vaporizer. To make it a bit less daunting for you, here are 11 electronic cigarettes with awesome designs you may want to include at the top of your list of options.

11. JUUL Vapor E-Cig

This one’s arguably the fairest of them all in terms of design. The e-cigarette comes with a sleek design that mimics the iPhone in the e-cig world. This electronic cig offers a great throat hit and amazing vapor production. It is USB rechargeable and comes with pods with a capacity of 0.7ml. Adding to its intuitive design is the impressive portability, thanks to its lightweight nature.

10. Aspire Gusto Mini

A collaborative effort product between Halo and aspire. A pod system that is sleek and amazingly portable, fits easily on the palm and provides you with the convenience of choosing from several e-liquid flavors and nicotine concentrations. This e-cig is easy to use and convenient. It spares you from the hassle of dealing with coil replacement, tanks, refills, and leaks. For just $35.95 you get an amazing vaping experience.

9. Vaporfi Express Starter Kit

This e-cig can be an amazing choice if in addition to an elegant design; you’re also after a stealthy yet flavorful vaping experience. It’s sleek and lightweight design allows excellent portability. It offers an impressive battery life too.

8. Halo G6

Halo is one of the most respected brands when it comes to all matters vaping, especially equipment. The Halo G6 starter kit is one of their giant e-cig devices, which comes in a cigar-like design, which not only makes it simple and easy to use but also quite presentable and discreet at only $35. What’s more, it allows you to vape up to 24mg/ll of nicotine concentration, making it ideal for smokers and those planning to reduce the intake gradually.

7. V2 EX Series

This kit offers not only an elegant and presentable look; but also an amazing battery life for your convenience. Even though some reviewers advocate for the Juul, this unit gives the rest a run for their money when it comes to the best vape pen brands for e-liquid. It’s also easy to monitor vapor production, not forgetting the accessories are high-quality and durable.

6. Kandypens RUBI

It’s simply tiny, impressive, and stylish. This is in terms of performance, battery life, e-liquid options, and ease of use in addition to design elegance.

5. Kandypens Feather

In case the RUBI mesmerized you, the Kandypens Feather will do so much more than just that. The stylish device may be sleek and compact, but no one said performance is by any means compromised. You get a powerful flavor hit while getting your nicotine right the way you want it. It offers the convenience to choose your flavors as you please. Very few e-cigs offer a 380 mAh battery capacity remember.

4. XEO Void

With this vaping device, you can easily customize your vaping experience. You can replace coils as you please with the convenience of switching between standard and sub-ohm vaping. And the battery life is unstoppable, 1500 mAh? The elegant design plus the immense portability and amazing performance make this vaping unit a one of a kind masterpiece.

3. Mig 21 Clear Fusion

Despite being an overly elegant vaping device, the Clear fusion is a fairly awesome performer when it comes to battery life. It offers 380 mAh in addition to the convenience of choosing your preferred favorite e-juice. Its 1.3ml is also impressive for most Vapers.

2. Epuffer Ecos

This e-cig is for you if you’re looking for a disposable option. Plus it’s not only stylish in design; it also offers a variety of hookah flavors in addition to menthol and tobacco.

1. Cigma Vape Slim Dual

This is another elegant e-cigarette that hasn’t been on the market for so long. It comes in a slim, stylish, and discreet design that allows refillable e-liquid vaping, thanks to the convenient capacity clearomizer. It can be an amazing option for traditional cigarette quitters and new vapers alike.

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