Learn how bets work in the NBA

posted by Chris Valentine

Basketball is famous for being one of the most exciting sports in the world: intense game from start to finish with spectacular moves that follow one after the other with no continuity solution.

And if we talk about betting in the NBA, the interest increases even more: the NBA is undoubtedly the most competitive basketball league in the world, and the best basketball players on the planet face it. The NBA offers a wonderful show every day to the fans that visit the American stadiums, and to all the bettors who enjoy betting on the victory of the Lakers, for example.

The NBA free picks the Americans crazy, although this phenomenon is gradually spreading to other countries. Therefore, it is good to analyze in detail what the bets in the NBA are about and how to read the odds for the NBA, which are among the most studied in the sports world.

Bets available

As in most popular sports, even in the NBA, the most basic classic bet is who will win when they finish the 48 minutes of the game. Remember that if you bet on a draw, what matters is the score at the end of the four quarters, not after the extension.

Direct confrontations (H2H)
In this case, what matters is the result at the end of normal time, if a team has scored more points, or the result after the extension if there is a tie. Therefore, the available bets are only for the victory or defeat of both teams.

1X2 with handicap
Handicap bets are slightly more advanced than the classic 1X2, taking into account that a positive or negative marker is assigned to one of the two teams at the start of the match.

Total points
You will have to predict who will win the match to bet on the total number of points scored during a match. It will only be necessary to predict which team will finish the match: between 100 and 110 points, between 111 and 120, etc.

The over/under bet
The over/ under bet is perhaps simpler than the total points bet. Even in the NBA matches there are often surprises, if you study a little the performance of the two teams will be easy to predict what the final result will be.

Victory margin
Similar to handicap, but with more variants: if you bet on the margin of victory, you will have to predict how many points a team will win. The odds and complexity of the bet increase dramatically.

Bet on the rooms
To make the NBA bets more exciting, in addition to single-game bets, there are also odds related to the quarters of each match. In fact, you can bet on which team will have scored more points at the end of the first quarter, or which team will score more points during the second quarter.

Even or odd
As in football betting, even in the NBA it is possible to bet on the number of odd or even points that are scored during normal time.

One of the most exciting bets in the NBA is undoubtedly the one that refers to the winners by divisions, conferences and championships. In fact, each team belongs to a conference composed of 15 teams, which in turn is divided into 3 divisions of 5 teams each.

Therefore, there are bets related to the winners of the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference, as well as those of the Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest and Pacific Division. Moreover, it is possible to bet on which team will win the trophy at the end of the championship.

MVP – Most Valuable Player
In addition to betting on the teams, there are also bets for individual players: at the end of the championship the most valuable player is chosen, who is the player who has scored the most, or the most decisive and constant throughout the tournament.

Rookie of the year
Every year many young players join the NBA after years of youth and college basketball. Among the newcomers, at the end of the championship the best is chosen and the Rookie of the Year trophy is awarded.

Data to consider
As in any sport, it is almost impossible to find a safe bet by betting on the team with better physical fitness. There are several factors to consider before placing a bet in the NBA!

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