What To Pack For A Comfortable Road Trip

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are planning the ultimate road trip, there may be certain things you should check before heading out on your RV adventure. However, there are also certain items that you should pack to ensure you are able to have a comfortable and relaxing road trip adventure. Regardless of where you are heading to or how long your road trip will be, you should pack the following items that are crucial for comfort.

Travelling In An RV For Maximum Comfort

If you are travelling alone, a modified van will be enough to allow you a comfortable trip as many road loving travellers opt to live in modified vans. However, if you are travelling with companions, an RV would be the best solution. When travelling in an RV, you should consider this RV packing list to ensure you and your road trip buddies are all able to get the most out of the experience. Travelling in an RV will definitely be the best solution for larger groups of travellers as you won’t have to find yourself struggling with tent setups and inadequate packing space as you would when travelling in a regular road vehicle.

Road Trip Essentials

Before you start packing in your comfort essentials, you should start your packing list by determining your road trip essentials. Items such as your license and registration, a copy of your vehicle’s insurance policy as well as any relevant contact details, your vehicles manual, a spare tyre, and a roadside emergency kit are all crucial items that you should pack in before any others. Once you have packed your road trip essentials, you should then pack in your personal essentials, such as your clothing, food items, toiletries, and any medication you may need. It is best to create a detailed packing list well in advance to allow yourself time to go back to your list before leaving to determine whether or not you have forgotten any items that you will need.

Ultimate Comfort Essentials

Your comfort essentials are items that you would not consider essentials, such as bug spray and portable wifi. However, even though these items are not essentials, they are essential for comfort. When creating your packing list with comfort in mind, you should consider items such as a camera and a USB that contains the ultimate playlist for your road trip. In addition to these items, a comfortable blanket and an extra pillow will go a long way to enhancing your general level of comfort during resting stops. You should also consider items such as sunglasses, a travel mug, UV window shades, painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets, as well as extra towels and a few snacks that are suitable for the road.

Road Trip Snacks

There’s no doubt that you will need snacks while travelling, even though you will be stopping along the way to rest. Your snacks should be food items that are not messy and difficult to eat with your hands. In addition to this, you should also ensure you are packing in enough water and other liquids to keep you and your travel companions hydrated along the way to your exciting destination.

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