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Letting your wild side out on vacation

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you dream of getting away from the nine to five and really having some fun? If life is too much of the same thing day in and day out, if you’re tired of the same old people and the same old places, why not spend your next vacation in one of the world’s hottest party destinations? Instead of toiling away at work, you could be living it up where things never slow down. There are lots of exciting places to choose from.

Hit the clubs

If you’re going to go clubbing, New York is the place to start, with Cielo still ruling the roost with its stunning sound system and fantastic line-up of international celebrity DJs. Then there’s Ministry of Sound in London, where you can go clubbing non-stop for days at a time. Tokyo’s legendary Womb has the world’s largest mirror ball and four floors of entertainment, each with its own distinctive atmosphere, while Ibiza’s Pacha remains party central for lovers of house and techno.

Head to the tables

What better way to visit some place new and get an extra adrenaline rush then by heading to one of the world’s top gambling destinations? Places like Las Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo have more than just world class casinos however – they’re packed with other exciting activities, shows and unbelievable hotels designed to take you away from it all.

Party on

There are some parties you simply can’t afford to miss. Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand hosts one such party on the beach every time the moon is full, and there are thrilling parties all across Thailand at Songkran, the Thai New Year, in April. For the hottest January New Year celebrations, head to Edinburgh to dance in snow-sprinkled streets beneath the castle. Once in your life you should really visit Buñol, in Spain, in August, for the Tomatina festival, the world’s most spectacular food fight; and if you like the sound of a classic party that goes on for days, there’s always Burning Man out in the American Blackrock Desert in September. 

Carnival time

When it comes to carnival, nothing can compete with Rio de Janeiro, especially during Mardi Gras. There’s always lots going on besides the parades themselves, with great clubs and parties and, of course, lots of spectacular costume events. Go with a group of friends for maximum enjoyment.

If you want to test your party-going stamina, head down to Montevideo next January for a carnival that lasts 40 days. With a very relaxed approach to cannabis and alcohol, Uruguayans have a passion for partying and well known celebrities often choose to join the celebrations.

Planning ahead

To get the most out of a party, you really want to start planning about six months ahead. This gives you time to arrange outfits, whether they’re sexy maid Halloween outfits or exotic creations of your own. If you’re travelling, this also gives you time to arrange to meet up with friends who may be heading to the same destination from other locations.

Right now, it’s time to start planning for Halloween. At that time of year, nothing beats heading on down to New Orleans, where Dia de los Muertos traditions collide with American Gothic and sharp modern sensibilities for a party like no other. Alternatively, if you want to try something really spooky, you can take a trip to Dracula’s homeland, Transylvania, and party in a genuine medieval castle.


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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