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Why Introduce Agile Project Management into Your Business?

posted by Chris Valentine

What kind of project management techniques do you currently use in your business? The truth is that far too many companies aren’t even aware what kind of methodology they use or that there are other options out there that they could look into if they wanted to.

One of the most popular ways of running projects just now is by using Agile methodology. This is a clever, practical way of getting the best possible results, so what are the main benefits of working in this way that are worth knowing about?

Get Faster Projects

This is a method that gets to the end of the project as quickly as is it is realistic and sensible to do. Instead of spending a lot of time on carefully planning every step of the way before starting, it is about getting started and then constantly testing and evaluating the progress along the way.

This means that it tends to be a leaner, more focused project that concentrates on exactly what needs done without any waste. This doesn’t mean rushing through the whole thing carelessly, but it does mean avoiding unnecessary delays.

If you find that traditional project management leads to pieces of work that drag on and on then you will enjoy the speedier approach brought by Agile. Quality isn’t sacrificed for faster results. Indeed, the whole idea is that you get better quality results without any delay.

Keep Staff, End Users and Stakeholders Happy

One of the keys to Agile projects is that they involve a high degree of teamwork from the start through to the finish. It isn’t a case of the project team taking away a set of requirements and then disappearing for a few months until they return to present the project stakeholders with the finished product or process.

The way that these projects work so well is through the use of regular reviews. This gives everyone involved in it the chance to see what has happened to date and make suggestions about the future progress.

Getting your team on Agile Courses is also an excellent move for their career development. This is an increasingly common way of working that is now used by numerous big companies all over the world.

Gives Results That Satisfy Everyone

All of the regular reviews and testing that go into Agile means that you aren’t left guessing until the last minute about whether your solution is going to work. Instead of this, you know at every step of the way that you are on track with delivering what is needed.

The business teams also know all along what they are going to get from you. There is far less risk of mis-understandings or of the end users having unrealistic expectations of what they are going to get.

In addition, the project team isn’t going to be left with regrets about what they could and should have done better. The idea with Agile is that you identify the things that need done while there is still time to do something about it.

React to Changes

Another huge benefit to working with Agile methodology is that you gain a highly flexible approach. You are able to react to any changes swiftly and effectively.

In others way of managing projects, one of the big fears is always that of something unexpected cropping up and throwing the plans into total disarray. This is a lot less of a worry with Agile projects, as they offer the flexibility that you need to react to any changes that appear in your path.

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