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Buck Reed Provides Top Psychological Selling Tips

posted by Chris Valentine

In his teens, Buck Reed, from the Midwestern part of the country, set up a one man operation mowing lawns. This quickly grew into a large landscaping company. Feeling that he could take it no further, Reed started to take part in self-development classes and eventually moved onto sales. It was here that he found his true calling, which was to educate others on how to be the best they can be, with a focus on direct sales. His specialization is in the psychology of sales and he has helped thousands of sales reps across the country become more independent, efficient, and productive. He has created a unique system for this that is very easy to duplicate. Here, he provides some of his key tips to understand the psychology of sales.

Top Tips According to Buck Reed

Human beings are unbelievably complex. That is why there are thousands of books on psychology and probably just as many different schools of thought about what motivates people to do certain things. That being said, there are a number of things that brings us all together and those are the ones that a sales rep should be aware of more than anything else. They are:

  1. The fact that decisions are made based on an emotional response. People feel that they need or want something and that is how they make a decision. It is an intangible concept in other words.
  2. The fact that people need facts to justify their emotional response. Once someone feels they have made a decision, they will then look for the rationale behind it. As a sales rep, you must therefore be able to provide them with the different specs but at the right time.
  3. The fact that people are egocentric.  This is not a negative thing but rather a psychological fact. What people see is what affects them directly. Essentially, people need to know how they will benefit from something personally before they will decide to go for it.
  4. The fact that people will not buy anything unless they say that it has value. Value is not necessarily an amount, it is rather an intangible way of showing how it will benefit people directly. You need to be able to show them what you offer your customers, regardless of the price, is better than with any of your competitors and give them.
  5. People are people people. The primary function of the human brain is to deal with social interactions. That is what sets us apart from information processes, calculators, and computers, and why there is possibly never going to be an artificial intelligence that will be almost human. What this means for a sales rep is that you need to bring things such as testimonials, pictures of your item in action, and stories from real individuals.
  6. People will not be forced into something they don’t want to. All you can do as a sales rep is pushed, herbs, and entice them. However, aren’t you cannot force them to make the purchase and you must remember that when they do bye, it is because they chose to do so not because you are magical.
  7. Buying is something that almost everybody enjoys doing. It feels good to hold something new, discover something we didn’t know yet, feel products that are luxurious, and so on. What this means for a sales rep is that when you grab someone’s attention you are really halfway there already.

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