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Star Wars Locations on Earth You Can Visit

posted by Chris Valentine

Think you are the ultimate Star Wars fan? Do you know who shot first in the Mos Eisley cantina, Greedo or Han? Is there a photo of Jar Jar Binks on your dart board? How many times have you seen the original trilogy? Have you watched all 7 back to back? Can you speak Hutt? But most importantly, how many of these real life Star Wars locations on earth have you visited?

There is no better fan experience than getting to set foot on the famous locations from the big screen and no better way to express your true fandom. Here are a few of the coolest real life Star Wars Locations on earth you can visit:

Lars Homestead
Located in Tunisia you can visit Luke Skywalker’s childhood home. This dusty setting was used in the original films and shows where Luke’s aunt and uncle were murdered. I’m not sure if you can get there via speeder but plenty of tours will gladly show you this remote spot as well as many other Tunisian locations George Lucas used in filming the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Kashyyyk (Wookie Homeworld)
Phan Nga Star Wars
North of Phuket, the bay of Phang Nga was used to show the exterior shots of the Chewbacca’s Wookie homeworld, Kashyyyk. This southern Thailand area is famous for its beaches and mountains so it would make an ideal vacation destination. Though you might need to brush up on your Wookiespeak before you go.

Yavin 4
Princess Leia’s home world of Yavin 4 is based  of the magnificent ruin city of Tikal Guatemala. Even if it wasn’t for the Episode IV scenes, these jungle ruins would be an amazing site to visit, with ruins dating back to 90 A.D. So have R2D2  plugin this coordinates as soon as you can and check out this wonder of the world.

Many of the most memorable scenes in Episode 1 took place in Naboo’s massive outdoor greenery. Many of these landscapes were shot in Lake Como, Italy. This northern Italian lake features stunning dark blue water and is surrounded by lush forests. Any fan of Episode 1 will instantly recognize the shots used from this location.

The ice planet of Hoth featured the infamous frosty battle between the Imperials and Rebels.  This scene from an Empire Strikes Back is a longtime fan favorite and was filmed in Finse, Norway. The glacier provided an excellent background for the shots though the crew did have to deal with a blizzard while filming.

There are dozens more filming locations for more places that were either inspiration or filming locations for Starwars, check out this infographic from Get Your Guide: http://www.getyourguide.com/info/star-wars

Now someone needs to do the same for all the Star Trek locations!

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