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5 Alternative Holiday Locations to Try in 2016

posted by Chris Valentine

Tired of the usual holiday destinations? Keep on reading and learn more about some of the alternatives that can be taken into account. It is a good idea of visit these places as they are not as crowded, yet they are enchanting and will surely offer a memorable experience.



The magnificence of this country is more than enough reason for you to enjoy a luxury vacation to Russia this year. From grandiose palaces to unforgettable parks and green spaces, you will never run out of places to visit where you will end up in awe. Do not forget to eat at White Rabbit, recently ranked as the 23rd best restaurant in the world. Explore St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum and be astounded with the amazing art collection. Do not forget to sample Russian cuisine, which is unlike any other food you had in the past. From their classic pancakes to lemon pies, your stomach will surely be in for a gastronomic feast.


It was only recently when Myanmar opened its doors to tourists, which is why it has a charm that many people want to discover. The capital city of Yangon serves as the most common starting point. There are many pagodas and temples that are scattered all over the country, with the concentration being in Bagan. It is also home to some of the best beaches in the region, which are significantly quieter than what can be found in its neighbouring countries.

The Dominican Republic

This is one Caribbean country that does not fall short in terms of wonderful gifts of nature. From Damajagua, for instance, you can explore 27 waterfalls, which will involve hiking in forests, canoeing in clear waters, and going through narrow canyons. It is also an excellent place to enjoy whale watching. The village of Altos de Chavon also deserves a visit, which will allow you to step back in time. Of course, the best way to enjoy the Dominican Republic is to enjoy its many world-class beaches.


The Islamic republic of Iran is one destination that is overlooked by many in spite of the fact that it can offer a culturally immersive and historically rich vacation. One of the attractions that should not be missed is the Golestan Palace. When on a luxury tour of Iran, make sure you keep your eyes open and truly appreciate the old architecture that will transport you to a time gone by. The Imam Square should also be part of your itinerary, wherein you can find glittering palaces and grandiose mosques, among others. Of course, do not go home without bringing some of the infamous souvenirs of Iran, including rugs and teas, which are commonly found in city bazaars.


If you are looking for exotic destinations to visit, Mozambique should be on the top of your list. One of the most popular activities that you can try in the country is swimming with the whale sharks. This South African paradise is home to wonderful beaches, such as Tofo. Maputo is also a destination that should be part of your itinerary, which is known for its vibrant nightlife and colourful markets.

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