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The top ten luxurious boats you wished you owned

posted by Chris Valentine

There are some truly luxurious boats available today. Here are ten of the most fabulous boats in the world currently and what makes them exemplify the height of luxury.

  1. Lady Christine

Owned by Lord and Lady Laidlaw, the Lady Christine is 68 meters of pure luxury living on the high seas. Headlines recently declared that “Lord Laidlaw sells events firm.” One has to wonder if Lord Laidlaw did this so that he had more time to spend on this fabulous vessel with his wife. With striking windows and unique features such as custom interior upholstery picked out by the couple themselves, this yacht provides pure luxury on their many trips to the Netherlands and beyond.

  1. Eclipse

Perhaps the ultimate yacht for the paranoid due to its bullet-proof construction, the Eclipse is an astounding 558 feet long, making it the largest private yacht in the world. You can charter it for a cool $2 million per week.

  1. Platinum 525

The Platinum features a private helipad with observation decks. Inside the 525-foot mega yacht, you will find the utmost luxury accommodations such as a health spa. Guests enjoy full suites that leave nothing out. After a long day at sea, guests can also enjoy the private pool.

  1. Pelorus

The Pelorus is a 377-foot yacht that is simply loaded with luxury. This is truly the yacht for the type of person that really wants to enjoy the sea. Jet skis, wave runners, suites for 18 guests, and luxury conference rooms and swimming pools are just a few of the amenities that this yacht offers.

  1. Rising Sun

Owned by record producer David Geffen, the Rising Sun boasts a state of the art cinema, an impressive wine cellar, and luxury suites that encompass a total of 82 rooms on five stories.

  1. Octopus

One thing that makes the Octopus unique is that owner Paul Allen had it designed with a recording studio on board. This has made it an attractive boat for famous singers and songwriters to get away from it all.

  1. Le Grand Bleu

What isn’t there to love about this boat? Luxury Jacuzzi tub suites for all guests and a well-appointed spa alone are enough to make most people happy.

  1. Eos

The Eos is a sailing yacht, but not just any sailing yacht. The Eos boasts the title of the largest sailing yacht in the world. It has such toys as power boats and jet skis. It must be a dream to sail on such a boat.

  1. Maltese Falcon

A beautiful yacht that features amazing interior woodwork and a spiral staircase that connects the different levels, the Maltese Falcon is the only mega yacht owned by a female. The public deck is transparent, offering a unique perspective of the ocean.

  1. Annaliesse

This yacht is truly one of the première yachts for the serious business professional. It boasts a business center, hair salon, spa, and unrivalled luxury suites for up to 36 of your closest friends. What a great way to get some R and R and a little work done as well in ultimate luxury.

Living the dream
While the above boats are well out of the reach of the average individual, there are many smaller boats that may be the retirement plan you are looking for. Just remember that you can add some luxurious features to even smaller boats that are easier and more affordable to maintain.

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