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The weirdest habits people have with glasses

posted by Chris Valentine

From riding a motorcycle to visiting the hairdresser, watching a 3D movie or participating in sports, glasses can get in the way and make the small things in life seem complicated. Moreover, spending every waking hour with a pair of glasses can lead to the wearer forming a whole range of strange and seemingly pointless habits. Here are a few of the weirdest things people do with their glasses.

Putting glasses on your head

Just like people who wear sunglasses, people who wear corrective glasses often perch them on top of their head. It can give the wearer a younger, cooler appearance, but it isn’t ideal because those expensive frames are in a precarious position and could easily fall. When they are not being used, it makes more sense to store glasses in their case or on a neck cord to prevent them from getting scratched or broken.

Biting the arm

Many ex-smokers find themselves subconsciously sucking on the arm of their glasses in the absence of a cigarette, but it’s also common among people who’ve never smoked. Psychologists interpret it as a form of self-comforting that harks back to using pacifiers as a child, but to people nearby, it can appear unhygienic and distracting.

Peering over the top of glasses

Many people choose to move their glasses lower down their nose when having a conversation; it saves time on removing them altogether and it’s more convenient. Although this may be an innocent gesture on the part of the glasses wearer, the person being peered at is likely to interpret the situation rather differently. The action of looking down at someone as you talk to them is reminiscent of a strict teacher; it may make someone feel somewhat intimidated and so cause tension.

Constantly cleaning glasses

Maintaining a smear-free pair of glasses is important, but when the cleaning is repetitive or excessive, it can be intrusive. Compulsive cleaning also damages the specialist glass used in spectacles, which can shorten their life and lead to higher optical fees. This habit can start when people feel their glasses are never completely clean, so using a specialist cleaning product on the lenses may be beneficial.

Most people choose to opt for contact lenses or laser eye surgery after experiencing problems with their glasses. They may find it hard to work while wearing glasses, or they may feel that frames don’t suit their face and prefer how they look without them. If you’re at this stage and wondering where to turn for a professional service, Lasik in Jacksonville can help improve your vision and ensure you enjoy a world of difference.

Just like nail biting or knuckle cracking, the habits people form with their glasses can be hard to break. Often people find that keeping their hands busy with other tasks works well. In the longer term, laser eye surgery can be the most effective solution because it removes the need for glasses, banishing any weird habits for good!


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