How to Plan a Retirement Party for a Loved One

posted by Chris Valentine

Planning a retirement party for a loved one can be both exciting and a challenging task. But, with proper planning, you can host a party successfully. The following tips can successfully plan and execute a memorable event without breaking the bank.

Keep It Small

Consider throwing a small party for your loved one. The reason is psychological. Retirement signifies the end of a career, which means the earning power of the individual is significantly reduced. As with most developed countries, the UK offers a pension scheme to retirees. Meaning they are now on a budget henceforth.

Throwing a big party may seem like a waste of money for someone who is no longer earning as much as they used to. Besides, a small party will allow for more intimacy and connection between the retiree and the guests. Another reason to keep it short is that as people get older, they want less and less attention. A big party would require them to walk around trying to entertain everyone, which could feel like another day at work rather than enjoying the party.

Choose a Theme

Having spent most of their career in a structured environment, throwing a themed party would be a welcome change. Choose a theme based on your loved one’s likes, interests, and passion. It could be in line with their career or from somewhere completely different such as a music band or a TV show. For example, they like the TV show Downton Abbey, have your guests dressed up accordingly and host the party at an appropriate venue. Your retiree would love it.

Find a Venue  

Let your theme guide your choice of venue. It would be a mismatch to have a Downton Abbey themed party in a conference hall just because it is a popular venue. In the North West, Manchester city is the king of venues for whatever kind of theme your event is. You can find the perfect venue hire Manchester has to offer on VenueFinder from the comfort of your home. One of its most exciting features is the ability to search by capacity and style.

Hire the Essentials

While it is possible to outsource special duties such as DJ, catering, and photography to friends and family members, you should try to hire only those qualified for the job. Hire professionals and pay if you have to. The services of these professionals would determine whether or not your party goes well. Professionals work seamlessly to provide quality service so you can be free to enjoy the party yourself.

Show Some Love

To make the party truly special, have a few friends and family give a short toast to the retiree. This will be perhaps the most memorable aspect of the event. Show your loved one how much they are loved and appreciated.

With proper planning, you can create a memorable experience to mark the end of your loved one’s career and the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

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