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Hilarious Video: Wild Turkey Chases ABC Producer

posted by Chris Valentine

So here’s this hilarious video of a wild turkey that decides to chase after a woman ABC producer. You see, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and that makes turkeys very nervous. Apparently, one particular wild turkey has decided that enough is enough. ABC producer Duffy Kelly went somewhere into a Sacramento community, probably to do some kind of story about the upcoming holiday. Actually, we have no idea why she was there, but it doesn’t matter, because this is when a roaming turkey decided to get all Cujo on her. Watch the video:

It’s really hard not to sympathize – with the turkey, that is. We mean, here’s some strange lady with a camera who stepped onto its territory. It obviously felt threatened. When Duffy Kelly asks: What do I do? Throw something at it? I can’t throw my camera at it! you just have to laugh. It’s not like she felt threatened enough to actually put the camera down. It’s like those damn handheld-camera films like Cloverfield where the people are in danger but can’t be bothered to drop their video cameras because this tale of horror must be preserved for future historians, or whatever.

Duffy Kelly

Duffy Kelly – Producer, Mother of 6, and Enemy of Turkeys

The best part of the video is when the mail truck seems to drive it away, only to completely fail at doing that. Her reaction is priceless.

In her blog, Kelly defends herself by saying “it was really worse than it looks. I just got this sense that the turkey was going to peck me to death…looking like a dinosaur and all. Also, I was in high heels and there were a lot of potholes!”

Wild Turkey Attack on Duffy Kelly

The Turkeys have had enough. Time for humans to get in the pot!

Somebody, anybody, should now make a handheld-camera horror film about a wild turkey attack. The story almost writes itself.

Thanks to Alyx for the link!

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