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Florida Man Matthew Falkner Uses Taco For ID

posted by Chris Valentine

A drunk Florida man named Matthew Falkner got stopped by cops and used a taco for an ID.

Matt Falkner - Taco ID

Matt Falkner was passed out in his car while idling in the drive-thru lane of a local Jensen Beach Taco Bell. (Jensen Beach is the east coast, between Ft. Pierce and Jupiter). Apparently he had been drinking alot, and this was his 4th run for the border (so he drove, while drunk, back and forth to Taco Bell four times? What the hell…)

At some point, Mr. Taco fell asleep with his foot on the accelerator pedal of his Chevy truck, causing the engine to catch fire. Falkner was soon awakened by a police officer who asked him for his ID. Falkner then reached into his bag and produced a taco. When the officer told him that they wanted identification, not a taco, he laughed and then started eating it.

Falkner was arrested and charged with a DUI. His blood alcohol level was 3x the legal limit. He also had a very high taco fever.

Story: LA Weekly

Thanks to Alyx for the link!

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