5 Reasons You Need to Ditch Cable TV Today

posted by Chris Valentine

Thinking about ditching cable tv for something better? There are a lot of good reasons to switch to streaming tv instead, so read on to find out why.

Cable TV has been a staple of US entertainment ever since 1948 and most of us have grown up watching it throughout our lives. But with the invention of streaming TV services, cable TV now seems outdated.

More and more people are cutting the cable and getting rid of cable TV from their homes. Why? Where to begin, there are endless costs, terrible customer service, and a lot of channels you never even watch, just to name a few.

Are you considering cutting the cable yourself? Read on for 5 reasons you should ditch cable TV today.

  1. You Don’t Watch the Channels

Did you know that over 90% of the channels on cable TV go unwatched? You’ve probably sat there scrolling through hundreds of channels and concluded that there’s nothing on TV to watch.

Most channels on cable TV are only available because providers have been paid to put them there, not because you actually want to watch them.

If you don’t watch the channels, why would you continue paying for cable?

  1. You Have the Internet

The Internet has opened so many doors for us and there are now more entertainment options than ever before. Online streaming is so popular because you get more variety and you can choose what you want to watch and when.

IPTV player is an example of a very easy to use digital media streaming service that is much better than cable. You can search for any show you want to watch without paying a fortune for it.

When you have the internet and opt for an online streaming service, you will have access to thousands of channels for a fraction of the price.

  1. You’re Sick of Commercials

There’s nothing worse than watching a great TV show, only to experience interruptions every ten minutes. It can totally ruin the viewing experience, and they’re just annoying.

Cutting the cable and going for streaming services instead means that you won’t have to deal with commercials anymore.

No longer will you have to put up with being sold things from your own home and you can just enjoy the show like you’re supposed to.

  1. You’re Spending Too Much Money

Cable TV can be very expensive and you are probably wasting a lot of money on a service you don’t use too much. Think about it – if there are so many unwatched channels on cable tv, why are you paying to have them?

Streaming TV services are often a lot cheaper than a cable TV service and you get more from them.

With the money you save from cutting the cable, you can buy a TV antenna and get access to the channels you do watch and use a streaming service for others.

  1. You Waste Too Much Time

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get sucked in by the TV and spend hours on end staring at the screen. Often, we end up watching shows we don’t usually watch or just end up stuck on endless Friends re-runs.

Cutting the cable means that the temptation to fall into a TV hole is gone. You’ll be able to spend your time doing other things instead.

Even if you go for a streaming service, you have more control over what you watch and won’t be as tempted to watch shows just for the sake of it.

It’s Time to Ditch Cable TV

There are a lot of good reasons to ditch cable TV, and if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to do it. It will help you to save money and time, so it’s definitely worth considering.

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