posted by Chris Valentine


Best way to enjoy birthdays— FOOD. So whenever it’s time to celebrate, I can’t resist treating those I love to a meal of their fancy.

It was Mum’s 50th birthday last weekend so dad and I decided to take her out day out in London. We thought it would be a perfect way to toast and make feel all young and fabulous, as she was already freaking out over being 50 years!

We chose Skylon Restaurant’s Sparkling Sunday brunch, with a surprisingly broad selection of dishes available for either 2 courses at £28 or 3 for £33. And of course, unlimited Prosecco for an extra £15 was nonnegotiable.

It was bright and beautiful, with a buzzing atmosphere among spacious tables where we took a seat at the center bar decorated in festive baubles.

Whilst our first splash of many glasses of white wine was poured, we nibbled on warm garlic bread, we struggled to decide the main course. I was pleasantly surprised by the range the deliciously tempting sounding menu of dishes available, from Asian inspired aromas to traditional English combinations.

We selected from the range of deliciously tempting sounding menu available and had a hearty meal of juicy sirloin beef, chicken steaks and a lot more!

As our empty plates were whisked away, the waiter returned with clean spoons and a minute later, a lovely chocolate filled plate of celebration wishes was presented to the birthday girl. Surrounding a beautifully piped message was a pyramid of dark smooth chocolate mousse with a crisp of chocolate and berries.

Soon, the skies had darkened and with it our brunch was over. But, the family time wasn’t over yet. We had a splendid afternoon together and going back home, I joined mum as she wanted to spend some time playing a few games of online bingo at GameVillage — something which she really loves doing.

The best part — They gifted her with an amazing £5 bonus as a birthday gift! So we didn’t really have to deposit any additional money to play. It was really nice to see how her chat room buddies made a big deal out of her birthday with all them wishing her individually, sending her cards, pictures etc!

Mum was absolutely thrilled and so was I.


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