Tips To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

posted by Chris Valentine

Well, you`re sure you want to get inked. It will be your first tattoo, that’s why it’s a little scary and you want to realize what you`re going through. Of course, getting your first tattoo is a terrifying and, at the same time, exciting process and you must have a million questions. Here are all the most important things to know before getting a tattoo.

Check the place where you want to get a tattoo

If the tattoo shop is within walking distance from your house or work, it doesn’t mean that it’s a quality parlor. Don`t forget that tattooing laws differ by states, thus, research what your state`s rules and regulations for tattoo licensing are. And then visit the shop and make sure it has the proper licensing that follows these guidelines. You may also check out reviews online.

Talk to the artist to be sure of his/her qualification

It’s really important because according to the study of Contact Dermatitis 10 % of people who get inked experiences problems with the tattoo, including infection, itching, redness and swelling. Be careful and see if the artist you`re interested in is certified, and ask him/her a few questions to protect yourself from getting an infection and prevent allergic reactions:

  • How long have you been getting inked?
  • Have you got a portfolio? May I see it?
  • How do you sanitize your equipment?
  • What brand of ink do you use for the work?
  • What`s your hourly wage?
  • What placement would work better for this design?
  • Will you give me any tattoo aftercare instructions?
  • Do you advise me the best lotion to use on tattoos?

Don`t skimp on the body-art

Just keep in mind, a good tattoo can’t be cheap. The price of a tattoo will depend on the size, style of the tattoo you want, and area of the body you want to be covered. Don`t think it`ll be so cheap even if someone brags about a suspiciously cheap tattoo shop. Remember, you`re going to alter your body for life and it is worth a good investment. The tattoo parlor isn`t that place where you should save money.

Decide what you want and where you want to get the tattoo

You should know at least an idea what you want to be inked on you forever. Do some research and think about it in advance. Pick the area where it will be placed and then consult with your artist. Of course, it’s easier for the artist if you know what you want. Maybe your artist will recommend you a totally different design that will fit you better or advise you to choose another location.

Know your pain tolerance

What does tattoo pain feel like? You realize that you`ll get hurt at the parlor, but how much you`ll get hurt depends on your pain tolerance, size of the tattoo and placement. You feel tattoo pain more around sensitive areas of the body. These areas have more nerves and less flesh. It’s the forehead, neck, ribs, spine, ankles, back of knees, top of the feet, elbows, hands, fingers and groin areas. Biceps and thighs are considered as the meatier areas where you feel pain less. 

Avoid drinking alcohol the night before

If you`re going to the shop the next day, you should stay away from alcohol as it`ll thin your blood and make you bleed more during the process of getting inked.

Eat something and don’t forget to drink lots of water

You need the energy to tolerate the pain of the tattoo. Be well-prepared! Get something in your stomach and bring a bottle of water with you because the process can take a few hours. You mustn’t be hungry and you must stay hydrated.

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience. If you want to avoid problems and discomfort after getting inked, follow these tips before getting a tattoo.

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