One Dozen Unforgettable Flower Movie Moments and Characters

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Flowers have such a powerful impact on us that the first-ever film to be shot in color was actually about flowers and trees. It makes sense that these magnificent creations of nature would inspire creatives to create flower movie scenes and moments.

Whether they’re used as a colorful backdrop or a deeper meaning, there are many moments in films where flowers are central to the development of character and plot. Keep reading to learn which flower movie moments made it into this list.

1. The Beauty and the Beast

The enchanted rose in the hit Disney film, The Beauty and the Beast plays a very important role. The rose acts as a ticking clock for the prince who had been turned into a frightful beast. Throughout the film, we check in on the rose to see how many petals are left.

Roses have always been a popular flower and are often signs of love. This is why the enchanted rose is such a perfect flower for this film. The prince finds love just in time. The floating rose under the glass dome has become an iconic scene.

Not only was the rose pivotal in the film’s plot, but it is also the symbol of the movie on merchandise. You can even visit Disney World and eat in the Beast’s study where a replica of the enchanted rose floats for all to see.

2. American Beauty

We can’t talk about iconic flower scenes in movies without mentioning American Beauty. Not only is there the unforgettable scene of the character Angela laying on a bed of rose petals with more falling down on her, but flowers are also often seen several times throughout the film.

Film theorists can’t agree on what the flowers in American Beauty really mean. Are they a symbol of purity and innocence? Are they meant to represent beauty? Regardless of the director’s intent, they have helped create one of the most recognizable scenes in cinema history.

3. The Room

Very possibly the best bad film to ever be created, The Room is chock full of memorable scenes that its cult following loves to quote. One of the most popular scenes is the one that takes place in the flower shop.

It is a very short scene and doesn’t do much to move the plot along, although most of the scenes in the film don’t do that either. it is one of the most quotable scenes in any cult movie. In the movie, Tommy buys flowers very quickly and has a strange introduction to a dog.

It’s hard to explain this scene to people that haven’t seen the movie. The dialogue and acting are so strange that it deserves multiple viewings just to appreciate how absurd this flower scene is.

4. The Wizard of Oz

Color in films was very new when The Wizard of Oz was released in theatres. The filmmakers chose to shock the audience by featuring the character Dorothy in a field of colorful poppy flowers.

There are theories that this scene has a deeper meaning considering the journey that Dorothy is about to go on, but regardless it is one of the first truly striking flower scenes in movies.

Even now it holds up against movies filmed in higher definition. There is something about the beauty of flowers that is timeless.

5. Broken Flowers

Bill Murray will always be primarily known as a comedic actor, but the second half of his career was full of great dramatic roles. Broken Flowers is no exception and the title alone shows how important flowers are to the film.

In this film we see Bill Murray’s character buy flowers from a love interest of his. These flowers show up in another scene as well, tying the film together. It’s a dark movie that split audiences, which is fitting considering the variety of flowers.

6. Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of using symbols and deeper meaning in his movies. Vertigo starts off with the main character’s wife buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Later in the movie, these flowers are torn to shred by the same character. Again, these same flowers show up in a dream that foreshadows the film’s events. It’s a great example of how flowers can be representative of a person’s feelings and emotions.

The cinematography in Hitchcock’s films was always topnotch and the scene with the flowers is particularly striking. It’s phenomenal how visual artists choose to use flowers in their art again and again.

7. The Town

While not central to the actual plot, flowers played an important role in Ben Affleck’s film The Town from 2004. The character in the movie was based on a real mobster named Dean O’Banion. Dead actually ran a prosperous floral shop in Chicago. He was known as a great designer of flowers.

The film featured several scenes with the character in his flower shop making gorgeous arrangements. These beautiful flowers are a perfect juxtaposition to his violent career.

Flowers have a long history in movies about mobsters and gangsters. Perhaps it’s the beauty of them shown against the violence or perhaps they just serve as the perfect natural backdrop.

8. Big Fish

Perhaps one of the most beautiful scenes to be put on film, Tim Burton’s Big Fish has an unforgettable scene of Ewan McGregor and his love interest laying in an endless field of bright yellow daffodils.

Not only is the scene visually striking due to the sea of yellow flowers, but it shows how men have attempted to win the hears of their loves with their favorite flowers. It is said that it took the film’s crew a very long time to put the field together. Perhaps using fresh flower delivery would have made their job easier.

9. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a lot of people’s favorite animated film. It’s a timeless classic and it boasts a flower scene that many people remember fondly. The evil queen in the movie is known for having a temper and when her servants accidentally plant white flowers instead of red, they must hurry to fix their mistake.

Color is a big part of animated films, and what better to use for color than gorgeous flowers? Even in a film where flowers aren’t crucial to the plot, they can make for a scene that instantly stands out and becomes memorable to all ages.

10. Wall-E

Sticking with animated movies, Wall-E is an interesting example of using flowers and plants as a symbol of life. Shown as a young and tiny bud, Wall-E finds the plant hidden among heaps of trash on a future version of our planet. He must shelter this plant and get the word out that our planet can be saved.

This is an example where flowers aren’t just used for color or symbols of love but are shown to be representative of our future. Appreciating flowers means appreciating our environment. We must take care of it if we want to keep enjoying the beautiful fields of roses and tulips.

11. Little Shop of Horrors

While these other examples showcased the beauty of flowers, now we have the frightening side. Seymour innocently grows a plant that becomes very large and very hungry. In this musical, we see that some flowers and plants aren’t exactly nice.

Rick Moranis and Steve Martin are comic geniuses in this movie which helps offset the horrific imagery, but those that have seen the movie may never look at a carnivorous plant the same way. This isn’t the only horror movie to show flowers, but it might be the most obvious.

Obviously, this film is meant to be ridiculous with its vision of man-eating flowers and plants, but it does create an image that is hard to forget. In some scenes, we see the man-eating plant with its offspring of equally dangerous flowers. This is a very unique flower movie for sure.

12. Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha is an adaptation of a very acclaimed novel of the same name. With the story taking place in Japan, the cherry blossom is perfectly featured. This particular tree and its flowers have a cultural significance that pairs very well with the themes of the movie.

In one of the most memorable scenes, we see the main character Sayuri walking with the Chairman, the man she isn’t allowed to love but does anyway. The cherry blossoms begin floating down and floating around them. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking scene that we will never forget.

The Most Memorable Flower Movie Moments

Do you have a favorite scene in a movie featuring flowers? There are so many that the chances are good that you have your own. We’ve seen them given as gifts to potential lovers and seen them be representative of change and growth.

There are many more flower movie scenes and moments in stories where flowers play crucial roles. Go back and check out your favorite movies, books, and even songs and see if you notice flowers where you didn’t before. When you’re done, check out some more guides that may give you a new perspective.

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