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5 Hit Bollywood Movies with Double Roles

posted by Chris Valentine

You might have gone on to watch different genres of movies in your time? A lot of times you might have gone on to watch movies where characters have had double roles. There have been many double role movies where the characters have won the heart and created a double role space in our minds.

A glance back would reveal that the concept of double role began in the year 1967 with the movie Ram and Shyam. At that point of time, this was a tragic flick where Dilip Kumar had a double role to play. Hereby in this post, you are likely to come across a host of movies. All these movies have gone on to gain an influential role in the mind of the viewers


In the year 1998 this movie was released. Here we have Kajol play dual roles. One of the sisters is killed and the other tries to come to terms with this gruesome act. The onus is on her to take revenge of this murder. This movie is a replica of thrill, adventure along with emotions. You easily give it a try as you may find the plot of the movie truly remarkable.


In the year 1989 this movie released where we had Sridevi playing a double role. Her character was duly supported by Rajnikanth and Sunny Deol. Both the characters are brought in different type of conditions and replicate different behavioral traits. The plot of the movie is really interesting. Once you watch the movie you will showcase lavish praise on the movie.


Though the new version of this movie did release in the last year or so, but the original version with Salman Khan still retains its popularity. In the period of 1990’s it was rated to one of the popular movies of those times. You are going to love the movie and would not be bored by watching the movie many times. The movie is a blend of fun along with spices together.


Sunil Shetty dons the double role in this action flick in the year 1994. One of the characters is a criminal whereas the other is a police officer. There is a dialogue in the movie Mere Do DoBaap that still wakes the people up. By watching this movie, you are going to have a great time and would laugh your way to glory. In case if you have not gone on to watch the movie you might not even be aware on what is discussed here. But if you have not watched the movie, take a step to watch the movie.

These are some of the popular movies where the characters have played double roles. Now which is the best platform in order to download the movies? Vidmate works out to be a one stop solution for your needs where you can download videos in the format of your choice. If you love double role of characters, then do not miss to watch the above movies.

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