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Get in the Swim of Making a Boat Donation

posted by Chris Valentine

If you like to see others having a good time, have you ever thought about making a donation, specifically speaking, a boat donation?

While you may love being out on the water, perhaps you have decided to purchase a new boat or maybe you’re heading into the docks permanently. Whatever the case may be, letting someone else enjoy some time out on the water is a great donation idea.


Donating to a Charity

In many cases, charitable organizations rely on the generosity of those who donate to them in order to keep their programs moving along. Without such donations, many organizations would find themselves running aground, leaving many individuals and families out in the cold. Furthermore, many charitable organizations are specializing in certain types of donations, in order to reduce overhead costs and get the most out of each donation.

By opting for a boat donation, you can help the process of transferring watercraft that includes sailboats, sports fishing boats, yachts, small bass fishing boats, and aluminum row boats. By donating to an organization that deals exclusively with watercraft, your donation will run much smoother; these individuals know everything about what it takes to get your boat off your property and translate it into charity.

Even though transferring a boat is not simply signing two pieces of paper between two individuals, it doesn’t have to be hard if you know who to work with. One way to make the transition easier is by working with a company that specializes in such transactions. In order to make the boat transfer is simple as possible, find a business that gets the complexities involved in releasing both USCG documents boats and moving boats with state titles and registrations.

Set Sail with a Tax Deduction

Also keep in mind that your boat transfer can be deducted from your taxes; make sure you have form 1098-C in order to get the tax benefits of such a deal. Many people have enjoyed the tax benefits of donating their car over the years, but don’t think outside the box when it comes to finding tax deductions. If your old boat is gathering dust in the driveway (or in the marina), it could result in a hefty tax deduction if you want to go that route.

Why Boating?

According to a report, the U.S. boating industry has resurfaced with a wave of popularity in recent years. More and more people are spending their summers out on the lakes, enjoying everything that boating has to offer.

When you stop for a moment and think about it, boating is an activity that can be enjoyed by one, families, friends, and even a group of coworkers on a weekend afternoon.

With boating, people can enjoy:

  • A quiet day out on the lake, river or ocean fishing;
  • Sailing by themselves or taking a group out for a sail to get away for a few hours;
  • Racing (legally of course) amongst friends or family;
  • Seeing new areas nearby or longer distances away.

Is Your Boat Ready to be Seen?

So that you can make the boat transfer as smooth as possible, make sure your boat is:

  • Properly cleaned inside and out;
  • Provide clear photos of both the inside and outside of the boat. The pictures should highlight the great features the boat offers;

Make sure the boat is properly maintained and is mechanically sound. You also want to check for any areas of the boat that could potentially hurt someone, be it exposed nails or wires, loose-fitting rugs etc. Do a thorough search of the boat to be sure that nothing could potentially leave you liable to a lawsuit if someone is hurt while on the premises.

If donating your boat is something that has crossed your mind in the past or more recently, get the process in motion today and know that you will be helping someone else set sail on many happy days ahead. The process doesn’t have to be stressful, and you could trade your unused boat into both a significant tax deduction, and a meaningful charitable donation that will help families less fortunate than yours. Consider donating your boat today!

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