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3 Reasons Why you Should Head to Tanzania this Winter

posted by Chris Valentine


Let’s face facts; there’s never a bad time of year to head to Tanzania, with its mountainous terrain, stunning wildlife and glorious beaches.

It’s typically considered to be a summer destination, but what many people don’t realise is that the main dry season actually runs from July to the end of October. This means that you can safely book a trip during the autumn and winter months too, while also saving money and avoiding the often manic rush of travelling tourists.

In this post, we’ll consider three further reasons why you should head to Tanzania this winter and enjoy a dream holiday experience.

1. Experience the Wildebeest Migration in November

If there’s one experience that really sets Tanzania apart, it’s witnessing the Wildebeest Migration. During this procession, an estimated one million wildebeest complete a life and death trek in search of forage and water, along with hundreds and thousands of zebras and antelopes.

While this occurs continually and can be seen in different locations at alternative times of the year, November is one of the best months to experience this in the heartlands of Tanzania.

Make no mistake; the breath-taking scenery is arguably even more beguiling during this time, and it’s little wonder that it should be viewed as one of the world’s distinctive natural wonders.

You’ll also save money if you book at this time, particularly if you select one of the numerous Tanzania safari packages by Tanzania Odyssey.

2. Visit up to Seven World Heritage Sites

We all love a World Heritage Site, right? Of course we do, but most locations have only one or two to keep us interested.

Tanzania has no fewer than seven world heritage sites, however, each of which is teeming with diverse wildlife and stunning scenery. These are particularly beguiling during the winter, even during the start of the dreaded rainy season!

The most iconic site is Ngorongoro, which is the largest unbroken and unflooded volcanic caldera in the world. Then there’s Serengeti, which is a stunning outback venue that plays a central role in the wildebeest migration every single year and is home to the iconic Olduvai Gorge.

Our particular favourite is the quaint and unspoiled Katavi, however, which is a remote wilderness that is incredibly tranquil and enduringly romantic.

There are more, of course, but whichever ones you get to see you’re bound to be in for a stunning experience.

3. See the Sights of Zanzibar

The exotic spice island of Zanzibar is scarcely a stone’s throw away from the Tanzania mainland, and this is definitely a wonderful place to visit during the winter month.

If your imagination is not captured by endless miles of unspoiled white and sandy beaches, we reckon you’ll at least be swayed by the quaint markets and the stunning seafood restaurants. If not, perhaps you’d like to dive at the Mnemba coral atoll alive with jeweled fish, or sail the sparkling waters of Mafia or Prison Island.

Either way, there’s something to keep everyone entertained here, from the most laid-back of travelers to those who look for adventure everywhere they go.

If you need further persuasion, there are a staggering 22 varieties of banana on the coast, and sampling these would represent an extremely usual experience in the extreme.


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