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7 Warning Signs Your AC System Needs Repair

posted by Chris Valentine


It is not uncommon to overlook the importance of regular AC system maintenance checks. In our busy lives, we tend to assume that when something is not broken, it does not need fixing. But such is not the case with your home’s cooling system. Not only does it need regularly scheduled tune-ups, but you also need to check for any signs that it may need repairs. By doing these things, you are ensuring the system’s efficiency and prolonging its life too.

What are the warning signs you need to look for when you check your AC system? How do you know that instead of a tune-up, you need to call for an expert in AC repair Austin residents recommend? Here is a list of seven tell-tale warning signs you should watch out for.

Air not reaching the desired temperature

The first sign that something is wrong with your AC system is when the air is never cold enough. This can be caused by several problems, including leaks in the ductwork, low refrigerant, and condenser problems. It is best to report the issue to a reliable technician like before the problem becomes worse.

Water or moisture accumulating in various places

Ideally, the entire AC system should remain dry. Any moisture build-up will result in mold and mildew growth. Leaks anywhere in the system will cause water to pool in delicate areas of the cooling device. When left unattended, leaks will not only reduce efficiency but also cause damage to electrical wiring.

Unusual sounds

A low humming sound coming from your AC system is normal. But anytime you notice any loud noise like clanking, screeching, or banging coming from the primary appliance, contact a specialist in AC repair in Austin. Otherwise, you might suffer an untimely breakdown in the middle of summer, which is quite uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Bad smell

Your AC system is not supposed to emit any foul smells. When you do notice a bad odor, it is undoubtedly a sign that there is a problem. Common causes include pest infestation, burnt wires, mold, and mildew growth. You need to address this issue right away as it may affect you and your family’s health.

Utility bill higher than usual

It is normal for your AC to consume a lot of electricity. But a sudden spike in your bills should not be ignored. Either the system is due for a tune-up, or it may be time to consider a replacement. You may want to consider getting a high-efficiency model from Trane, a leading manufacturer of high-quality air conditioning systems. With higher efficiency, not only will you pay less on your utility bills, but you will also enjoy overall better cooling and comfort.

Faulty thermostat

While most problems with an AC system are attributed to the central cooling appliance, there are instances when the problem is merely the thermostat. You can reset the thermostat first and see if that fixes the issue. If not, you may want to call an HVAC technician who can sort out more complicated thermostat problems.


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