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The Weirdest Beverages around the World

posted by Chris Valentine

Frog Juice is one of the Weirdest Beverages around the World ... photo by CC user morrissey on Flickr

Thirsty? You might not be after reading about some of these drinks. You may have thought Monster was the weirdest drink you’d ever had but as we’ve seen time and time again, enterprising drink creators have fashioned up an array of strange drinks, some delicious and some not, over the years. From deer penis wine to Kimichi flavored soda, here are some of the weirdest beverages around the world, courtesy of our friends from Frugaa.

Frog Juice

In Peru, it’s not easy being green. At least when you’re a Titicaca water frog. As it turns out, the locals of Peru absolutely love blending up some frogs into a brew that’s often considered the “Peruvian Viagra”. Called rana y maca (which literally translates to “frog juice”), it’s made by liquefying a dead or unconscious frog in a blender with hot bean broth, honey, aloe vera, and maca (which is an Andean root believed to boost stamina). Reportedly, the smoothie like concoction is supposed to sting the throat. But despite its nasty flavor, Peruvians love the drink so much that the Titicaca water frog is in danger of going extinct.

Kimichi Flavored Soda (And Other Exotic Flavors)

Kimichi is a popular pickled cabbage dish hailing from Korea. While it’s a delicious treat when you’re going out to eat, you don’t really expect it to be your first choice when you’re looking to quench your thirst. Leave it to Japanese soda company Ramune, which produces sodas in a novelty bottle with a marble stopper, to turn pickled cabbage into a soft drink. But what you might find even odder is the fact that Kimichi isn’t even the only exotic flavor the company produces. Soda lovers can enjoy other flavors like wasabi, curry, and teriyaki. Be sure to try when you travel there!

Civet Poop Coffee

Considered the most expensive coffee in the world, civet poop coffee is exactly what it says on the tin. A civet is a cat-like animal from Indonesia and the coffee is produced when the civet eats coffee beans. The processed beans are retrieved from the animal’s dung, then prepared for sale. Civet poop coffee lovers allege that the process results in a uniquely flavored beverage. It’s a very popular beverage, with the most authentic brews resulting from wild civets.

Garlic Juice

Also known as Tamla Village’s Maneul Saem, garlic juice hails from South Korea. Allegedly able to alleviate various health problems, such as digestive issues, and improve strength, it’s pure garlic juice. The drink also comes in an onion flavor. But either way, it’s probably not the best drink for a first date.

Cow “Water”

Cows are considered sacred among members of the Hindu faith. And tradition holds that bovine urine and dung can be used to cure various ailments such as liver disease and diabetes. The self-titled Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh from India developed a soft drink developed from cow urine, calling it gau jal or “cow juice”. While it hasn’t caught on in the US quite yet, it’s apparently pretty popular in Italy.

Deer Penis Wine

Need a quick pick-me-up? Forget the caffeine. One drink that seems to be very popular in China, especially among athletes, is deer penis wine. Supposedly they increase blood flow and the flow of Qi, a life force in Chinese folk medicine. It’s believed to be so potent that it was actually banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Another popular variation is “three penis wine”, which combines the genitalia of deer, dogs, and seals. Reportedly, it tastes “creamy”, although we can’t say we’re up for trying it ourselves.

Thanksgiving Dinner Soda

US based beverage maker Jones Soda has brought the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, a US holiday, into soda form. While now discontinued, the novelty soda was wildly popular among consumers when it was first released. The soda came in a special Holiday pack which included flavors like turkey and gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry, and mashed potatoes. No word on what they tasted like but the company still produces other novelty flavors to this day like Pumpkin Pie.



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