Book A Heli-Skiing Vacation For You And Your Family

posted by Chris Valentine

Booking a Christmas holiday the whole family’s guaranteed to enjoy is hard enough already. Why make it any harder on yourself by limiting your choices to boring resorts you’ve already been to before? Before you book anything, you should invest some time in researching the newest and ultimate trend in adventure skiing and learn about heli-skiing.

A Heli-Skiing Vacation like this one is awesome


Unlike the typical resort that relies on cramped chairlifts to take you up a man-made mountain, heli-skiing will take you to some of the world’s tallest peaks by helicopter. This will surely start your holiday out right, as a helicopter ride will impress your entire family – even that sullen teenager you have. You’ll be dropped over amongst beautiful vistas of awe-inspiring landscapes, complemented by the freshest powder snow you’ve ever seen. Untouched and uncut, it’s the one-of-a-kind experience that your skiing family has been waiting for.

After your skilled pilot drops your off in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, a talented guide will make sure you get the most out of your experience. He or she will direct you through the safest (yet no less adventurous) path down the mountains, so you and your family can get the most speed and vertical out of your trip. Of course, since a heli-skiing trip is an exclusive experience, you can also choose when and where you want to take a break, so you and your family can take the most unforgettable selfies together. Then after a day’s worth of skiing, you’ll arrive back to the lodging to relax in style.

Your heli-skiing trip should be able to balance luxury, adventure, and exclusivity in equal measures, so it’s important that you find a boutique operator that can provide the ultimate Christmas ski trip. Find one that will cater to your every wish, insuring private and customizable trips to the most beautiful peaks in the world. Do a little research and find an operator you can trust to deliver on everything you desire – beautiful peaks, extreme vertical and luxurious relaxation.

Once you find an operator that can guarantee a great holiday, you know you can start booking your next family ski vacation. For a skiing family there’s no better trip, as the uncut snowy and the fresh, mountain air will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Even your stubborn teen will love it! And until your next trip up the Rockies, it will remain your family’s favourite Christmas holiday yet!

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