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Solar Powered Generator – Is it Cost-Effective?

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have ever worried about what you would do if the power went out in your home, you may have thought about purchasing a home generator. A home generator can be very useful in emergency situations where your home has lost power. They can be used to power lights in your home, keep refrigerators cold, provide heat in your home, and even power life saving medical devices. If you have thought about purchasing a home generator, I’m sure you have thought about the power capacity and feature your home generator would need to have, but have you ever thought about purchasing a solar powered generator for your home?

You may be wondering if it will be cost effective and ultimately a smart investment for your home. When it comes to solar powered generators we have done our research. Solar powered generators can be cost effective, but it really depends on your specific situation.

If you are thinking about purchasing a solar powered generator for your home, here are some things you should consider before making the final purchase.

Low maintenance costs

Solar powered generators tend to have much lower operational costs when compared to fuel generators. This is because with a solar powered generator you do not have to worry about all the maintenance costs associated with maintaining a motor. With a solar powered vehicle you will not have to worry about seizing your engine, oil leaks, replacing oil, and purchasing fuel. These savings can really add up over time and save you money, especially if you use your generator often.

High upfront cost

Although solar power generators tend to have lower maintenance costs, and use free energy from the sun to run, solar panel generators tend to have higher upfront costs. A standard gas operated generator costs around $300 to $1500 while a solar powered generator generally costs much more, some of the solar powered generators are even 3 times more expensive than a conventional gas generator. This may be off putting, but just from looking at this site, you can see that the amount of money you save over the long run may be worth it. When you are considering whether or not a solar power generator is a cost effective option, you must look at the upfront cost and the amount of money it will take you to operate your generator.

Low fuel costs

One of the benefits of purchasing a solar powered generator is that they are extremely affordable to operate. Unlike conventional generators which require you to purchase fuel to operate them, solar power generators do not require you to purchase fuel, as they use the free energy from the sun to power themselves. Another benefit of a solar powered portable generator over the conventional gas powered generator is that you will not have to worry about carrying fuel when you need some power. If you are into camping or travelling, a solar powered generator is definitely something you will want to consider. They are easy to use and if you are spending time outdoors, you can conveniently charge them.  If you plan on using your generator to charge smaller items such as a phone, microwave, or a small heater, then a solar powered generator may be your most cost effective option. There are a lot of resources online if you’re wondering about the capacity of portable solar generators.

When it comes to purchasing a generator for your home, you should consider looking at the different types of generators available on the market and what features they have. You may want to consider using a solar powered generator if you are looking to reduce your global carbon footprint and save some money. The upfront cost of solar powered generators tends to be more costly, however you must consider the long term savings that a solar powered generator can offer. If you plan on using your generator often, you will need to consider the fuel and maintenance costs of operating a gas powered generator. Solar powered generators are less costly to operate as they use the free energy from the sun for power.

Also, maintenance costs are often much lower for solar power generators because they will not require any engine repairs or oil changes. Depending on what your output needs and how frequently you plan on using your generator, you may want to consider that solar generators require the sun to produce energy and often times take longer to charge. Overall, a solar powered generator is definitely something you should consider if you are looking for a cost effective generator for your home.

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