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Marketing in the Midst of Trying Circumstances

posted by Chris Valentine

Marketing your company even in the best of times can be pretty tricky, it can be particularly hard in the midst of taxing and trying circumstances. How exactly do businesses approach spreading the word about their services and products to the general public when their minds are on a pandemic, a recession, or any major economic disaster? You should approach any and all of your marketing efforts in a tasteful and thoughtful way. 

Connect With Your Target Audience Members Via Social Media

Social media enables businesses to stay in the loop with the people who make up their target audiences, at the same time enabling them to connect with their audience. The assistance of social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram can empower businesses that wish to be able to communicate with their audience members on a basic human level. Empathetic social media posts can remind your audience members that you’re thinking of them. Reflective image and caption use can do the same thing. Posts, messages and comments on social media can all help communicate one simple thing to your audience members. That thing is that you’re all in it together.

Take Advantage of Poignant Postcards

Getting something nice in the mail can fill people with joy. If you’re looking to market your business in a sensitive manner, then it may help you to send out poignant and meaningful postcards to your customer base. You can send these to customers you already have. You can even send them to those you’re looking to win over. Focus on penning postcards that are upbeat and spirited. Steer clear of content that may make recipients feel down in the dumps. You want people to link your business to things that make them feel good, after all.

Ship Care Packages

People appreciate acknowledgement from others around them. Kind gestures can go such a long way. They can be especially meaningful in the midst of hard times. If you’re looking to express your deepest gratitude to clients or customers you have had in the past, then it may be a wonderful thing to ship them care packages. Care packages can brighten any day. It doesn’t matter if you create a care package that’s brimming with personal grooming items, sweet treats, books or anything else. It’s the simple thought that counts. Care packages can remind your customers that you’re around and ready to serve them as they wish. They can illustrate the wonders of your company to people who haven’t given you their business yet as well.

Take Part in Charitable Events

Businesses that are looking to promote themselves in the midst of hard times often turn to the wonders of charitable events. It’s fantastic if you simply take part in an event that revolves around a good cause. It’s even better if you set one up on your own, too. Charitable events can showcase your business and its offerings to all of the members of your community. They can also highlight the fact that you truly care. Putting together a fundraiser can do a lot for people who are in need. It can give you the chance to highlight any available services or products that are on your company menu as well. Charitable happenings are basically win-win situations. It can be a terrific idea to zero in on a cause that may be relevant to your business. If you’re at the helm of a medical clinic, then you may want to raise funds for children who have cleft lips. If you’re in charge of a boutique that’s geared toward female fashionistas, then you may wish to raise money for women who are the victims of domestic abuse or anything else similar. Try to pick a cause that may be of interest to your target audience members.

You don’t have to limit yourself to charitable events, either. Community events of all kinds can help you promote and market your business. The point is to get out there. The point is to make sure that the people who are in your area are actually aware of your business and all of its diverse options. It can help to attend the opening of a brand new business in your town or city. It can help to attend dinners and social gatherings of all sorts, too. Don’t forget to bring a business card with your name, contact details and social media information. Networking can help take your business far.

Collaborate With Other Businesses

Teaming up with other businesses that are part of your field or industry can do you a lot of good. Remember that power exists in numbers. If you join forces with a business that has a sizable customer base, then you may be able to reap all sorts of rewards. That’s because you may be able to access some of its most loyal customers. If you’re looking to promote your business in a difficult period, then you should explore companies that are around you that seem to be thriving. You may know about a dining establishment that focuses on All-American dishes. If you’re a diligent bakery head, you may want to ask the restaurant’s owner if he or she may be willing to feature one of your items on the dessert menu. This form of marketing can help your own business. It can help the business that you collaborate with all the same. This is yet another win-win situation that cannot go wrong.

It can be hard for people these days to make decisions that involve general contractors and professionals overall. Co-advertising can come in handy for companies that want to make price shopping a lot simpler for all the members of their communities. It can help people greatly to be able to assess quotes that are accessible through refinancing firms, lawn care businesses, real estate agencies, health spas and more.

All in all, marketing during trying times takes great care and sensitivity. But reaching your audience in a meaningful way, even though they may not need or be able to buy your service or product right now, will help you stay top of mind when they are ready.

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