7 Tips If You Want a Truly Unique Engagement Ring

posted by Chris Valentine

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring for your loved one, you’re probably interested in getting something unique. Your love is special, so it’s natural to want to find something equally special to serve as the foundation for your proposal. 

Unfortunately, many modern engagement rings look similar. They have a similar structure, a similar band, and a conventional diamond at their center. There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting a traditional engagement ring, but if you want something more original—and something that will be more likely to stand out—you’ll need to work a bit harder. 

How to Find a Truly Unique Engagement Ring

Follow these tips if you want to find a truly unique engagement ring. 

  1. Consider a different stone. For many decades, the diamond has been the go-to stone for engagement rings, and for many engagement ring shoppers, it’s still the standard. Even if you’re looking for something unique, you may default to looking for rings with a diamond for the sake of tradition. That said, there are a variety of stones that work equally well—or even better—for an engagement ring. For example, you could consider aquamarine engagement rings, which rely on the magnificent light blue shade of the stone for a touch of color in an otherwise clear gem. If your partner has a favorite stone, or if there’s a stone that’s somehow important to your relationship or personal history, consider incorporating it into your final ring choice.  
  2. Choose a nontraditional shape. You can also try to find a ring with a different shape, especially in the shape of the stone. Round cut diamonds are extremely popular, but there are a variety of shapes to choose from. Something more unusual, like a pear-shaped stone, could give your ring a unique look that nobody else is sporting. 
  3. Get the right measurements. It’s possible to get a ring resized after you purchase it, so don’t worry too much about getting perfect measurements from the beginning. However, if you’re shopping for a ring that fits your lover’s hand perfectly, you’ll want to go into the endeavor with a good understanding of the size and shape of their hand. There are a number of online resources that can help you figure out you or your partner’s ring size, but you’ll also want to keep in mind the shape and overall look of their hand. It might be better suited to one specific size, shape, or color over another. 
  4. Look at vintage options. If you’re shopping for a unique ring, one of your best options is to look at vintage stores. Modern designs tend to follow modern trends, so you’ll find a wider variety of options if you’re open to rings from several periods of history. Additionally, because vintage rings tend to be highly individualized and rare, you’ll be more likely to find something with an amazing, unparalleled look. 
  5. Rely on a variety of sources. Too many people limit themselves by only looking at rings from one place—they choose one online platform or a handful of local jewelers, and feel like these represent their entire range of options. However, you’ll be more likely to find something unique (and beautiful) if you look at a wide variety of different sources. Keep an open mind, and keep shopping to find more options. 
  6. Customize the band. While the stone is rightfully the center of attention for most engagement rings, it’s oftentimes easy to pull off a unique look by making adjustments to the band. Utilizing a different precious metal, or integrating a special design into the band can instantly elevate the look and feel of the ring. 
  7. Work with a jeweler. There’s certainly no shortage of unique rings in circulation, but if nothing stands out to you or you’re struggling to find the right fit, consider talking to a jeweler about a custom job. Some jewelers offer custom jewelry design, so you can select your own options and create something from scratch. 

The Importance of Communication 

If you’re feeling stuck, and aren’t sure what kind of engagement ring to buy, consider talking to your partner about what they’re looking for in a ring. You may be tempted to keep everything a secret, for the sake of not spoiling the surprise, but even so, there are subtle ways to glean your partner’s taste, or figure out what kind of ring they might want. In most cases, a direct and frank conversation is the best option. 

Failing that, you can always talk to your partner’s closest friends, assuming you trust them to keep things quiet. The more information you gather, the more confident you’ll feel in your final decision.

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