How to spend a summer together!

posted by Chris Valentine

The summer is upon us and although we tend to look forward to the warmer weather and longer nights, it’s often difficult to set up hot summer date ideas and keep your crush interested.
Read on to see our summer date ideas to keep you dating all summer long.

Don’t Burn Out

The summer is long, the days are drawn out and it’s still early days yet. This is great news for dating but not so good on your wallet. Don’t burn yourself out too early by arranging elaborate dates and running out of ideas. Keep your date interested all summer long by pacing out your ideas. Dating doesn’t have to be expensive; you are spending time together, learning about each other and enjoying the company, why should this cost the earth? Enjoy the simpler things in life and make these last, all summer!

Rule Number 1

Our top tip is to purely focus on having fun. This will be the key to spending the summer together, maybe to have an adult dating. If the focus is on fun then you can quickly come up with ways of spending time together, rather than dreaming up elaborate ways to impress once or twice over this period. Once you both agree that fun is the way forward then you will be spending more time together more often than you think. Avoid that one off expensive date and put your efforts into smaller consistent dates across the summer months.

Summer Feeling

As mentioned earlier the simpler things in life are often the best. Feeling relaxed and comfortable in each other company is an enthralling feeling. The longer and often warmer days of summer provide the perfect opportunity to walk and talk. Walking along a beach, through woodlands or across the city can take up hours of enjoyment together. Before you realise it in the summer sun you are deep in conversation, learning about each other and fully enjoying your experience. Picking a romantic setting to walk or bike ride through can be a perfect inexpensive venture for the pair of you. Not only will you get some exercise but it’s simple to change up your routes and start and finish from different positions across the summer weeks. A perfect opportunity to spend quality together…just the two of you!

Stand Out

As I said the summer provides long opportunities to spend time together, mixing up your ideas can help keep your dates interesting over this period. Rather than dinner or stuck inside watching a movie try to be different and think outside the box. Make use of the warmer temperatures and longer evenings this allows for you to stand out from the crowd and impress your partner. Because of the heat of summer the simpler ideas seem so much more effective, camp in your back garden, a picnic on the beach, a seaside visit to watch the sunset all keep the summer memories ticking over. Be original and be unique, this way your date will be eating out of the palm of your hand all summer long!

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