8 Things to do on His Birthday!

posted by Chris Valentine

Is his birthday this year a milestone birthday? Or do you just want to make it extra special? Along with giving him that perfect gift, how about spending his birthday doing something you both have wanted to do together, or organizing an event for his birthday, and celebrate the day with family and friends? 

Whether it’s a day for the two of you, or a celebration with many, he will be sure to have a birthday full of fun, excitement and fond memories! Below are 8 ideas on how to celebrate his birthday in a way he will always remember! Don’t forget to get the best birthday gifts for dad he will remember as well!

Plan a Night on the Town

Does he enjoy going out for dinner? Perhaps taking in a show? Or just taking a long walk and enjoying the scenery? Plan a night on the town, getting dressed to the nines, eating at his favorite restaurant, and taking him to a Broadway Show or performance he has been wanting to attend. Then, take a long walk under the night sky, and enjoy the lights, scenery, and everything a night on the town has to offer!

Day at the Ball Park

Does he have a favorite baseball team? A tried and true, timeless gift for any baseball fan, nothing beats a day at the ball park! Get him tickets to a baseball game, and spend his birthday consuming those classic ball park hotdogs and peanuts, and cheering for his favorite team! 

Plan a Surprise Party

Shhhhhh! Don’t tell the birthday boy! There’s a party happening, and he’s the guest of honor! Choose the venue, his favorite snacks and foods, and don’t forget that awesome birthday cake! Then get his closest buds, family and friends together, and get ready for the surprise birthday party of the year! It’s a birthday he will surely always remember!

Car Show

For the guy who is a car enthusiast, there’s no better way to spend his birthday than around his most revered passion. For his birthday, take him to a Car Show! There’s delicious food, drinks a plenty, treats like ice cream and popcorn, and cars, oh those gorgeous classic cars! Bring balloons and a birthday cake, find a table, and invite the other attendees to wish him a happy birthday too!

Movie Night

Is his favorite movie genre action / adventure, horror, or comedy? Is he more The Fast and the Furious, The Waterboy, or Friday the 13th? Get out the popcorn, drinks, and the birthday cake! Select some of his favorite movies, and spend an entertaining birthday night binge watching those magnificent movies! 

A Home Cooked Dinner and Dessert

Who doesn’t want a delicious, hot, home cooked meal, and a tasty dessert on their birthday? Whether he loves chicken or pasta, steak or fish, spend a quiet night in and prepare his favorite home cooked meal for his birthday. After dinner, surprise him with a dessert treat he won’t be expecting. Serve up a birthday gift basket for him, filled with gourmet baked cookies, pastries, and a variety of goodies he will delight in! 

Karaoke Night

If he’s a natural entertainer who fearlessly sings along to his favorite songs, and he’s probably got some moves too (que Adam Lambert and Bruno Mars), then a night of karaoke is definitely in order for his birthday! Get together, invite some friends, and head out to his favorite sports bar or establishment for a night of food, drinks, fun, and karaoke! Oh, and make sure you all let the host know it’s his birthday!

Spend a Weekend Away

Take a mini vacation for his birthday. Choose a place you know he enjoys, or a place he has always wanted to go, and plan that weekend get- away for his birthday. It can be a stay at the beach, in the country, at a ski resort, on a boat, or just a quiet weekend away relaxing on a private deck or by the fireplace.  He will truly appreciate a weekend away for his birthday!

Whether you go on an outing for his birthday, or spend a quiet evening at home, the perfect way to spend his birthday is ready to be experienced! So get the party started and make this birthday a birthday he will always remember!

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