The Different Phases of Romantic Love That You Should Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Many people’s love life is bound to change over time. When it is taking the normal path, the bond gets better with time. That is why we are going to discuss the different phases of love that everyone should know.

One of the main reasons why these insights are important is to check whether things are heading the right direction in your relationship or not. Without further ado, let us go through these crucial steps.

The Attraction

More often than not, people are attracted to each other. Although not all attractions can lead to a romantic love life, this is ultimately the first crucial step towards this. Attraction comes after meeting either at a social event, the workplace, or even online. This attraction is the beginning of the chemistry that plays a significant role in your romantic love life. When people meet someone with the qualities that they want in a partner, there is a high chance of getting attracted to them.

Falling in Love

This is the second crucial phase that all romantic love goes through: falling in love after meeting or interacting online and getting attracted to one another. Chemistry plays a part in this to ensure that it works. Whether it was love at first sight or online dating, the concepts work the same way. Falling in love gives you a good feeling, and most single people are optimistic that they will fall in love with their dream partner.

Growing in Love

Now that you have fallen in love, it is time to grow in love. If you have not yet started experiencing this in your relationship, there are many reasons to stay optimistic. It can take some time. According to experts at the Happymatches website, both parties play a significant role in making this step a success.
Every little thing matters in strengthening the bond between the two of you. As time goes on, love grows more and more to prepare for the next stage. One thing to know here is that your relationship will be shaken by many challenges here and both of you must overcome them.

True Love

After being in a relationship for a long time, couples become devoted to what they share leading to true love. Others call it mature love, and this name suits this stage too well. You will often meet these couples together sharing projects, errands, and many other things in life.

Experts agree that married couples in their forties and above are usually at a mature true love stage. It is also a sign that they have overcome numerous challenges and are optimistic enough to remain together forever.


As frustrating as it is, any of these phases can be broken by one or more challenges that face relationships and marriages. Thus, it is good to always be alert and pick up on red flags of challenges in your relationship. When they are handled well and early, it is possible to save the relationship. Finding a better solution to the challenges in your love life makes couples even stronger in the long run.

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